Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Sign

This really is a sign.  I haven't told any of my family I have a blog, let alone what it is called.  My MIL called me this morning to ask me how to fix her sweater and if I had any interfacing.  When I took it over to her - they live just through the woods - she gave me this.

Can you see that is says "Made with love" on the bottom?  How ironic.

She gave it to me for my sewing room, which I am thinking about moving.  The room I am in is just under 9' x 12.5'.  This house has three bedrooms upstairs that no one is in most times.  The smallest is my sewing room.  My youngest son will be back home for the summer.  But, he  would not care one bit if I booted him out.  I am not doing that though, I do covet his bedroom.  It is the largest in the house at 12.5' x 18'.  He was in the little room until his brother moved out.

The third bedroom is 12.5' x  15'.  I would gain 75 square feet by moving in there but the lighting is really bad.

Having this new sign seemed like a sign to redecorate for a sewing room but I think I have talked myself out of it.  I want the big room with the southern exposure and all the natural light.  I will make do in my little room for another year or two.

My sign will have to go up in the mean time.  I showed it to my husband and he grinned and said, "I can drill a hole and that and drive a nail for you."

Think again, Bucko!  We have more invested in woodworking tools than sewing machines and that is saying something.  One of us is making a frame.

He owes me.  Remember the doily for his gun safe?

Happy Spring, all!  It is a beautiful day here and I am going to enjoy it by working more on the Making Change quilt from yesterday's post.  Thanks to all that advised me.  I stuck with the original plan.  Pictures to follow this week.


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  1. Move to the biggest room you can get away with - you won't regret it!


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