Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Simmering and Help! I need opinions

Hello, all!  I am still around.  It has been kind of a rough week and I did ZERO sewing.  This morning I have been cleaning in my sewing rooms.  Yes, I said rooms.  I have enough fabric in the dresser, totes and closet of a second room along with my ironing board I have to claim it, too.  God help me.

First off I have to say a BIG thank you! to my blog buddy, Stephanie, over at My Imperfect Life.  She read in my blog about my BIL wanting a Marine quilt.  She went off to her local quilt shop and found the exact fabric I wanted and is mailing it to me.  How sweet is that?

Okay, now for the opinion part.  Last week I posted a picture of the quilt I was working on for my niece for graduation.  I have since tried other layouts.  Big mistake. Now I don't know what to do!

This is the original plan

 Pretty busy, huh?

Okay, I laid it back out and kept them all the same direction.  Problem is they aren't all exactly the same blocks.

 This seems to be well liked by my sister and SIL but my sister says that may be their age.  They are 40.

I tried another version of rotating them but only 90° every other block.

My final version rotates every other row 180°.  I can live with it.

So, are you dizzy yet?  The recipient loves orange and hot pink.  All blocks will be sashed with the same width white strips you see in the blocks.  They sew out to 1 1/4" to get the dimensions in the blocks to work.

Give my your honest opinion, PLEASE!

I did play with fabric some this week.

I have all of these now.

And am at a loss what do do with them.  I have never used a charm pack for anything.  You will note I have two each of Ruby and Twirl.  I also have a yard of coordinating fabric for each of those.

One final picture.  This is Audrey, one of the ladies at retreat.  She worked on her One Block Wonder Cube quilt.  She was the sweetest person.  She asked me to thread her needle once.  I didn't tell her I couldn't see the darn thing either!

Isn't her quilt amazing?

What do you have simmering today?

Keep stitchin'!



  1. Although I like symmetry, all that white lining up looks kinda...funky. Stick with the original plan...I'm betting your niece will love it.

  2. IMHO, the second one looks best. As to what to do with charm packs a DP9 is great using them. You can use the 1 yd of coordinating fabric as the center block in each set of 9 so they would all be the same little squares when set together. By the way, your niece will love that quilt...

  3. I'd leave out the white sashing between the blocks. I am not crazy with the main strips going all the same direction. I like either your original lay out or the next to last lay out.

  4. I think your original plan is the best. I really like it.

  5. I almost hate to say it but I liked the first arrangement. :) And charm packs...have you looked on the Moda Bakeshop site? They have lots of great patterns. blessings, marlene

  6. Hhhmmm.... so many options! I think I like your original layout the best. Always go with your gut. Ive never used a charm pack either but I just *love* the Ruby. I'm kicking myself for going on a fabric fast before buying myself some of that one!

  7. Original layout gets my vote, too! Your niece is going to love it!!


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