Thursday, April 12, 2012

3 on Thursday - Spring Must-Haves

Cole over at All the Small Stuff is having a Linky Party for 3 on Thursday.  This weeks topic is Spring Must-Haves.

I meant to write this post earlier but here I am doing it last minute, as usual.

The first thing that came to mind for me was garden plants.  I am a sucker for herbs.  Love them and always buy too many.  My other must have is impatiens.  If I had the time, I would plant thousands.  I generally stop somewhere around a hundred.  So, I am counting plants as ONE.

The second thing I always seem to want is a cheese cake.  I don't mean the heavy, baked, New York Style.  I mean the fluffy, Jello, Milnot variety of my childhood.  They are so good and I haven't had one yet this spring!

The third thing is a pedicure.  I don't do them at all during the winter but when I break out the sandals I want my toes painted.  This is hilarious because I had never had my toe nails painted until a 5 year old did it for me about 12 years ago.  Now I pay for a couple of pedis a summer.  None yet this year.  I stubbed my toe and split the nail.  Waiting on that to heal first!

Okay, what are you signs of spring?  Hop on over to Cole's and see what everyone else is buzzing about.



  1. I think pedi's are on a lot of our lists :)


  2. Pedicures are an absolute must for the spring!!

  3. I love plants too! I usually do a lot of impatiens because I can get them to grow well for me. I will usually do wave petunias and nasturtiums too. Anything else I have tried has always died:(

  4. thank you for linking up with us! i completely agree about pedicures. I need one myself!


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