Friday, April 20, 2012

Finish It Up Friday, April 20

It is 7:20 p.m. on Friday and I just finished what I wanted to have done for last week.  I am calling it Butterfly Garden.

I made this for my manager's first granddaughter.  As you can see, I am a bit after the fact.  I used a Twirl charm pack by Me and My sister for Moda.  The outer border and binding are fabrics from that same line.  I have two of the charm packs and until I got this together I did not realize the pack I used did NOT have the border fabric in it.  It did have 43 squares in it.  I am thinking someone might have swapped some out.

I used bits of flannel I already had for the backing.

The butterflies in the corners are all slightly different but all done with variegated threads.

I did not intend to quilt over the butterflies but.... I worked nights last night.  I had this loaded on the frame and the first pass done.  I went down and started the second one this morning and forgot to stop for the butterfly.  It turned out far better than I expected (or I would have ripped it out).

Lucy is a Leap Day baby.

My youngest had a teacher in second grade whose birthday was Leap Day.  He decided that would be super cool and kept asking me why I didn't wait another day to have him - his birthday is February 28.  It took a year or so to convince him it was impossible because he was NOT born in a leap year.  I was NOT carrying that child 21 months! 

I quilted this with some yellow thread from Connecting Threads.  It is kind of linty but I find I do just fine if I am vigilant about cleaning my machine and oil it.  I used some Superior Threads Bottom Line for the bobbin.  That is REALLY nice thread.  For fun I took both of them to work last night and looked at them under the microscope.  You can really see that the Bottom Line has ZERO lint.

 This is the densest quilting I have ever done and I am not sure I am a fan.

I am apprehensive about this quilt because Mom is an artist.  I mean a serious, studied art, does beautiful miniature paintings that look like post cards, artist.  What was I thinking?  Hopefully, that she appreciates the effort and the color!  I am not pleased with the binding but am not motivated enough tonight to redo it.  I have to work on prom dresses and dance costumes this weekend...I don't even have daughters!

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  1. Whoop whoop!! Is that a disappearing 4-Patch design? I really like it!!

  2. I think its beautiful. Lucy's mom will love it, I'm sure!

  3. It turned out beautiful, the butterflies!

  4. The whole quilt is beautiful - those butterflies are amazing!

  5. Ok Mary, you lied! I just looked at your blog and EVERYTHING is wonderful!! That quilt is SO darling and I LOVE your Dresden plates! ROCK STAR!!! xo

  6. I have nominated you for the Liebster award!!!

  7. I need you to email me please! My computer is a dork and won't let me email you by clicking the "email me" thingy. Soooo, please email me cuz YOU WON!! (my giveaway) Once I recieve your email I can let you know about the details! Thanks!

  8. What a pretty quilt! Saw you at Marcia's New Quilt Blog Linky Party and over at Kelie's blog saying you won the Liebster! Congrats! I'm your newest follower! Nice to meet you!!

  9. Welcome to the NEW Quilter's Blog Linky Party! I see you tried to add the button -- some are having trouble -- when you get a chance -- try it again. Thanks! No rush!
    I would like to invite you to share your posts at my weekly Minutes for Me Linky Party. They over lap each week so there is one open all the time so you can link up!
    Also the May for Me Celebration starts next week -- Join in the fun and link up for that too!
    Enjoy your day!

  10. Wow, wonderful quilt! I love the on-point setting and the embroidery on it, it looks so pretty! I found your blog to Marcia's new blogger linky :)


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