Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Just Barely!

Hello, all!  I planned to post a WIP today but just about didn't get the posting for the WIP.

Here is my BOM:

It is a work in progress!  I was just sitting in the living room (while my husband watched the Military Channel) and turning all 28 or these.  By Friday I should have the actual blocks done.  I am also working on another pin cushion in that mess.

On a side note, isn't Emma beautiful?  She is my 1936 Featherweight.  I am using her for this project.

I also pressed these today:

They are from a box of sewing items I bought long ago at an auction. I used to buy up the odds and ends boxes that no one wanted because I couldn't afford the boxes with the good stuff!  I am still using the ricrac and zippers these little ol' ladies had collected.   It is amazing how similar these fabrics are to many I have in my stash now.  They are very thin, though.  I can also say the quilter wasn't any better than me at the Dresden plate.

This is this month's "practice" for my BOM.  I did a full Dresden but my BOM is 4 quarters. It will make sense when you see it.  I tried to talk myself into hand stitching them to the background fabric since the FW doesn't zig zag but I don't think I have the time now.  The meeting is Monday and I have to work on weekend and go to the onco on Monday. So, they are probably going to be appliqued on a modern machine.

This is my final WIP I worked on today:

I think I am going to add a border in this fabric:

And I plan to embroider butterflies on the white.  I will be putting the baby's name and birth date in one corner.

I am going to link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.   Be sure to go check everyone else out.  Tell us, what are you working on today?

Better get back to turning sections.

Keep stitchin'!



  1. Love the colours (in everything). The block colours are similar to the quilt I am working on now. Thanks for sharing and you have a new follower now :)

  2. Featherweight is a beauty!! Love that last diamond shaped number!

  3. Emma, huh? My 1954 FW is named Lennie. Love the colors of the baby quilt...someone's going to love it.


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