Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday: True Blue and Making Change

Hello, again!

Since my post this morning I have planted some lettuce and then moved to the sewing room.  I didn't feel like sitting so I worked on cutting all the triangles for a quilt I am calling True Blue.   It will be one of the graduation gifts for my best friend's daughter.  Her younger daughter best described our relationship one day when she told someone, "I don't have any aunts but that is okay because I have Mary and she is like an aunt only better."

The blocks are from an exchange I did last year on Homesteading Today.  They really are all shades of blue.  You know what photography does.  I have them laid out with blocks 2 and 11 in the middle now.  I am debating that.

When I am sewing I am working on my version of the stacked coins.  I think I like how it is turning out.

I think it is modern looking.

You will notice that I switched design walls floors  - see the different carpet?  I don't have enough wall space anywhere for things this big but I do have floor space when I am home today.

So, that is what is on my wall floor today.  What is on yours?   I am linking up with Judy. Hop on over to Patchwork Times to see more walls.  So much inspiration there.  Really wish I had won that lottery!

Keep Stitchin'!


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  1. Pretty blues quilt--sure to be popular with the intended future owner :)

    Nice coin setting and it does look modern!


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