Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow!  Can't believe it has been over two weeks since I posted.  Let's see...the onco called as I was walking out the door for the funeral.  PET was okay.  She will see me in March.

MIL got out of ICU after 5 days and out of hospital after 12 days.  Everything was caused by gall stones that spiraled out of control.

I did NOT get all of my Christmas sewing done.  Now I have a cold and am back at work.  Will catch up next week.

Hope to post the big fish quilt tomorrow.  It isn't perfect but my husband and sons like it.

Thank you for the prayers and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  Stay safe over New Years.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick Update

I wanted to give a brief update for those of you that are praying for me.  I so appreciate those thoughts and prayers!

Had PET/CT on Friday.  No real problems.  Took longer than I remember.  No results reported yet.  Sigh...I know the onco isn't in clinic this week.  I think I will call later today, anyway.

Very busy week.  My uncle died Saturday morning.  Funeral today.  My MIL went in hospital on Monday.  She was in very bad shape and ended up in ICU but is starting to do better.

Life is a little overwhelming right now.  I am sewing a little in the background of all this.  This morning I have to cook for the post funeral meal.

I am making loaded potato soup, apple cheese cake, angel cookies and peanut butter cookies or cake.  Haven't decided there, yet.

Thanks for checkin' in!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Old Lady Pants

No pictures at all on this post.  Mostly a whine.

My gyno's office called on Friday.  There was a "significant change" on my MRI.  The radiologist recommended a PET scan.  They were faxing everything to my onco and if I didn't hear anything I should call on Monday.

I did.  Oncologist agrees.   PET/CT scan scheduled for my first day of vacation on Friday.  I had one last year for an unidentified mass on my colon.  Pretty sure that was just what was just what is supposed to be in your colon. I was sure of that before the scan last year.  Not feeling so sure this year.

Anyway....what does this have to do with "old lady pants"?  When you have a scan at the Simon Cancer Center they don't give you gown or scrubs.  They tell you to wear something without zippers.  Umm....I don't own anything other than my pjs without zippers!  I am 46 years old.  I am not firm enough to be running around with everything just a jiggling.

I don't know why I didn't think of it over the weekend but Monday after working 12 hours, I decided to make myself some pants to wear.  I don't remember why but I had 3 yards of navy corduroy.  It wasn't ideal but it would do.  I looked through my patterns.  I needed something fast.   I am working 12 hrs a day Monday -Thursday and I have to leave by 9:00 a.m on Friday to make my appointment.

I finally settled on a pattern for pjs.  I did alter it to make them more tailored.  I also added pockets.  I used a fun blue print for the pockets.  I still have the hem them but I finished them otherwise Tuesday morning.  I put them on and they aren't too bad.  I can go in public in them.

I can't eat before this scan. I plan on eating afterwards. I also plan on some shopping. I wanted to look somewhat decent.  So, I will wear my old lady pants.  If you see me, please don't laugh too hard!

The good news is now I will have something to wear if this comes up again.  Somehow I don't think I am done.  I had hoped to drop back to every other year by now and instead I am having some scan or exam every three months.

Thank God for insurance!

Tonight I hope to finish my pants and work on my Christmas tree skirt.  I did host a block swap party at my house last weekend.  It was fun.  I can post pictures of some of the blocks.  Not all.  Who knew a simple rail fence was so difficult to execute.

What have you sewn this week?

Keep stitchin'!