Friday, April 27, 2012

Winners are #7 and #11

My random number generator tells me #s 7 and 4 won but 4 did not reply so now 11 has won.  Checking my reply list (and giving people with links a second number) I find that is Shifra G and Sallie......Both no-reply posters.  I think I know who Sallie is and will try emailing her.  If I don't hear from Shifra by in the morning I will generate another number.  Since I redrew the new winner is Rosemary!  Congratulations Rosemary!

Thanks for all of your great stories!


ETA:  I heard back from Sallie and she was the Sallie comment.  So, I have that winner.  Now, if Shifra doesn't contact me by Saturday morning I will redraw.


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  1. Thanks for picking me! I sent you my info in an email.


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