Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have decided to try a new blog host.  I keep reading good things about WordPress.  So, I am trying it.

Had to choose a slightly different name.

If this doesn't work out I may be back here.

Hope you still follow me.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Sew-In

Hello, all!  I had hoped to make a post for yesterday, but alas, I failed.  I wanted to do the Friday linking parties but I was just worn out.  So, here I am.  A day late and a dollar short but happy as a pig in a wallow.

Today I had a Sew-In at my house.  It started with just my sister and me and that ended up being all it was but it sparked so much interest on FB I am going to do it again with more notice.

I set Sharri up in my living room.

My sewing room is on the second story.  I was even nice enough to go out to the barn/garage and bring in my old ironing board and set up on the ground floor.  Sharri was working on a quilt called Clovers.  She started it at a class but couldn't go to the next one due to an injured child.  She managed to get four blocks completed today.

Her goal was six but there were a few problems that involved some unsewing.  Yuck!

Mid-afternoon one of our cousins (actually a first cousin once removed) stopped by. She had seen on FB that Sharri was at my house and brought by some hats she had crocheted for Sharri's granddaughters.  Sharri just sent me a picture of two of them.  Not a great picture but the hats were so darn cute I have to share!

When I saw them I said, "Where's mine, Lois June?"  She said she would make me one.  I have a stash of yarn, too.  I dug out some red I wanted a hat in and gave her that and three other skeins for her.  She was happy and I think I got a deal.  She ended up visiting for about 40 minutes.

I totally lacked focus.  Storm front moving in was messing with my head and I was sending messages back and forth with a couple of friends that wanted to come but things weren't working out.  So, I got three sides of one border added to a quilt!  I did have to piece the border but still....I am embarrassed.

After supper I sat down in the LR with my husband and took a power nap.  I woke up refreshed.  Better make hay while the sun shines.  So.....

I sat down at Agnes and began to sew.   I am not sure why I thought treadling would be better than climbing the stairs to my sewing room.  But, I did.  It is warmer.  Treadling helps warm you up.  I am working on using up some fabric I mistakenly over cut.

One morning coming off of night shifts I didn't have enough of these squares for the quilt I was doing.  So, I began to cut and cut and cut.  I think I ended up with literally 400 in excess!  I was on auto pilot and apparently thought I was covering Montana with this quilt.  So, I am sewing the extras on my treadle for practice.

I just read a post that Melissa over at Happy Quilting is doing a Star Light Star Bright quilt along.  I am thinking of doing that.  I don't need another project but it would get me going again, I think  I swore this would be my year of finishes but .... I swear I won't buy fabric for this.  Has to be from my stash.

So, what did you work on today?  Are you like me and a bit wintered out?  All these weather systems play havoc on me. Or, it could be the crazy shifts I work.  Or, it could be my age but I seriously doubt that.  I know my driver's license indicates I am 49 but that HAS to be wrong.  It was only yesterday that I was 24, wasn't it?

Keep stitchin'!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Slow Start

Hello, all!  I am back.  It has been three months since I blogged.  I have done quite a bit.

I made a quilt for my cousin that had a double mastectomy.

It was self designed and a little wild for me but I liked it in the end.  On the back I included a Jacob's ladder because it is my family name.

That thing is 3'x3'!  The red portion is a Snoopy fabric because she says, "Snoopy is the man!"

I used a fun design in red thread for quilting in case she hated the front (she did not).

I made a baby quilt for my manager's grandsonsongrandsongrand.

I caught up on my BOM.

I went to an auction with my DIL where I acquired this cute sewing box.

And, this folding table with a yardstick embedded in it.  I collect yard sticks.  So, I couldn't resist!

I also helped my son clean his newly acquired rental house in a snowstorm.

Made a couple of neck gaiters for my husband and myself when the polar vortex  or winter storm Hercules was approaching.

Speaking of that storm, we were without power for two days.  So, I cooked on the woodburner.


Those are pancakes, scrambled eggs, smoked sausage and not pictured are the hashbrowns.

Lunch was grilled cheese, tomato soup and chicken noodle soup.

I had made tacos and refried beans the night before and that evening I made skillet meal that I fix but I can't get the pictures off of my camera.  It is made from polish sausage, potatoes, onions, peppers and green beans.  We had the leftovers for lunch the next day.  No one was starving at out house!

While the power was out I sewed on my treadle.  So, now I am trying to complete that quilt on the treadle.  I have a lot of goals for this year and one of them is to get back to blogging.  So, here is my start!

Hope someone is still with me.

Keep stitchin' and stirrin'!