Monday, July 1, 2013

Trash and Treasures

Hello, all!  I didn't get a stitch of sewing done over the weekend. I am not sure what happened on Friday.  I was so tired from work I don't remember much at all.  I am fairly certain it rained again.  It rains every day right now.  My garden is so sad.  It is thoroughly trashed by mother nature.

We weeded last Monday.  He hilled the potatoes and I hilled the onions.  This is what it looked like yesterday evening.

Onions washed out of the ground.

Cabbages "boiled" in the ground.  This is what happens when you get 7" of rain in 24 hours followed by a day of 90°F temperatures.

Those are tomatoes.  They were standing nicely in the cages.  Behind them is the squash.  It looks boiled, also.  I don't blame my husband for wanting to give up.  I am still going to try to plant beans a couple more times.  I need some to can.  Everything else I am ready to till under.

Saturday it stayed mostly dry for the morning.  I went to an auction.  These are my treasures.

She is a 66. Her table isn't so much a treasure.  But Mike seems to think we can fix it. I really wanted her just to have as decoration but if we can make her work - GREAT!

I also got a 201 in the deal.

Her cabinet isn't much better than the treadle.

I think I can reattach the veneer and use that gel stain that is now popular to make it look good.  Both machines are in good shape.  Free moving and all parts are there.  The 201 needs a power cord and a bobbin tire.  I bought them both for $20. Surprisingly, my husband thought that was a good deal.

He wasn't so enamored with my other deal.

I love this!  I have to look for some of my less than desirable fabric and make a quilt to lay on her.  I am going to use fabric I wouldn't use and batting scraps.  I have a quilt that is worn out that my Grandma made but I won't risk it out there among the monsters we call dogs. The pew is now centered on the window.  My husband and two of my sons came and picked it up along with the sewing machines. This picture is where they unloaded it.  My DIL and I  had to make 4 or 5 tries to get it perfectly centered due to the curve in it but it now looks lovely.  I will load more pictures after it is "accessorized".

I also bought two brand new pressure cookers and a bunch of other stuff.  At one point I paid $2 for a shelf full of stuff so that I could have the vases on it.  A fellow behind me offered me $2 for the "Vita Vegamin" on the shelf.  So, I got the vases and my "yard sale starter kit" for free.

Now, I think I may sew.  I should weed something.  It is only 66° here.  I really want to sew just a little first. Maybe this afternoon!

Right now I have sourdough French Bread in the oven.  We may have a soup or stew for supper since it is cool.  Over the weekend I was on a baking frenzy.  I made sourdough cinnamon rolls on Friday for the family to have Saturday morning when I ran off to the auction.  Yesterday I made wheat dinner rolls and a carrot cake to take to my MILs for a family dinner.  I started the French bread but it needed longer to rise and I am just finishing it.  I am very pleased that I got my sourdough active again.  I had neglected it for a long time.

Okay, off to do something productive!!

Keep stitchin' and stirrin'!