Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Winnings and Miscellaneous

Part of me wants to start this post with, "I'm not dead!" (that is a quote from Monty Python and The Holy Grail).

I have just been super busy with family stuff and work.  Not much sewing.  I did manage to quilt the Making Change quilt on Sunday with the help of my husband.   I had a very full mailbox yesterday.  I received a package from Kelie over at Craft Nurse Quilt .  THANK YOU, Kelie!  What a generous gift.  (let's see if the darn pics will up load)

   Yay!  It did.  Not a very good picture, but as good as it is going to get with the artificial lighting in my kitchen at 4:30 a.m.  Kelie wrote me a very sweet note.  I have definite plans for two of those threads already because of what my niece wants for Christmas and I am thinking of working that ribbon in. Thanks so much, Kelie.

The other two packages I received were a bit disappointing.  I inadvertently bought the same sewing machine attachments twice from eBay and they are not the right ones for my Singers.  They do fit an old Kenmore I have.  I really liked the boxes and got a good price on them.  I may keep them for decor unless I find someone that needs them.

Aren't the tins cool?  The disappointing thing is both sellers put them in the mylar envelopes and sent them.  both tins were jammed shut.  One of them has significant damage to the finish from shipping.

The purple inside the boxes is pretty, too.   I have a small collection of vintage notions and sewing items that I have collected over the years and will probably just add these to them.

Okay, I have been up since 3:30.  I still need to get some laundry folded before work.  I lost an earring and spent quite a while looking for it.  I am so disappointed to lose it.  My husband thinks it will turn up.  It is a gold hoop.  So, it isn't so small it is invisible but still....

I apologize to everyone for not commenting on your blogs.  I have been so busy recently and just a bit overwhelmed. I am trying to read them but it is generally from a phone or at work while I eat.  I will do better.

I think I will post a non- quilting Friday Finish because it is so wonderful.  Stay tuned!

Keep Stitchin'!


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  1. Cute tins! I think I'd let the seller know and *maybe* you'll get a small refund (?) I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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