Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend in Review

Hello, all.  I hope your weekend was great.  Mine was busy.  If you look at Indiana on a map it really doesn't seem that large.  I have to tell you, when you spend three days in a row traveling her roads she is huge!

Friday we took #2's graduation gift up to him.  My husband was pretty excited.  It was a power tool.  Our youngest was running the steeple that evening further to the northwest.  Our oldest met us at the middle's house and we all went "to the races".  The steeple is an amazing event to see. It is not for the mother that is faint of heart.  EK did well.  Did I mention he has plantar facitis?  It was painful to watch but he scored for the team.

We got back home at midnite.  Hubby went to work yesterday morning and I drove south.  My first stop was a quilt shop 45 miles away.  I bought these.

A close up of some of the larger prints.

As I have mentioned in the past, we draw names at Christmas.  My 11 year old niece wants a quilt.  She gave me these paint samples.

I am not sure but I think she said her walls would be purple and pink and the blue and green are accents.  But, I could have that wrong.  I still have 5 more fabrics to get for what I have in mind.  I have to say, I am sick of brights!   I think she will like these. I am using big blocks.  So, the large prints work well.

After I bought these I went another 50 miles south to a wedding.  I ended up staying the night.  At 2:00 a.m. I heard knocking on our door.  I went to the door without my glasses expecting to let my friend in.  I thought she had forgotten her key.  Imagine my surprise when a man said, "Sorry." 

I said, "It's alright." and shut the door.  Then I realized, "I think he was naked."  I put on my glasses and looked out the peep hole.  Turns out he was naked!  He was sleep walking and my opening the door woke him up!  Poor thing! He was part of the wedding party but I thought he was a drunken idiot.

I came back home this morning.  I was happy to make the trip without any tickets.  I confess, I deserved a couple.  I really have to practice passing without leaping up to 90mph. 

Tomorrow I am going to bind this quilt.

I am also going to make the label and add it tomorrow evening.

I hate to confess this but I am turning the AC on tomorrow morning.  It has been upper 80s the past few days and my sewing room is upstairs. I hate using AC before June but I am caving.  The humidity is so heavy I have to mop it up off the floor three times a day.  I have to sew this week.  So....I am caving.   I know.  I am a wimp.  It is 10:48 p.m. here and it is 78° outside and still 83° in my kitchen.  I can deal with the heat but that humidity messes with my asthma.

So, that is my weekend in review.  Lots of driving, race, kids, wedding, Naked Man, and....oh yeah, I read a book.

I completed The Witness by Nora Roberts.  I had almost sworn off her books.  I thought the cursing was getting a little over the top and the paranormal stuff was wearing.  I am glad I read the reviews and read this one. It was good and just what I needed to relax today.  I finished it tonight. 

Sweet dreams, one and all!



  1. I think bringing you the paint chips was pretty smart, now you know exactly what colors to choose. The fabrics you picked up are so cute and cheerful they should be super fun to work with.

  2. Oh my, what a fun post! I loved The Witness, too. I've hated her books for about the last 10 years and FINALLY she writes a good one again! Sounds like a packed weekend for you...wishing you a week without naked men at your door! LOLOL!!

  3. If there are any naked men around here I either married him or birthed him. Those I can deal with. Strangers, not so much!

    I did like Sisters series by NR but she just kept doing the paranormal and it seemed like the same books over and over and over. Good research this time.

  4. I love the colors you chose for your niece's quilt. So bright and cheery! I have received your package and blogged about it! Take a look! Thank you so much! This was so nice of you to do!

  5. Hi Mary, Rosemary sent me to visit you. I love the colors of the samples from your niece...It will definitely be a "girly" quilt. Thank you for the book review. I have been reading Denise Hunter's books the last few weeks. They are good for relaxing with a good story and moral characters.


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