Monday, May 21, 2012

BOM Monday Madness, aka: Aprons!

Hello, all.  I had a busy week that left me MIA.  Doubling back onto days at work just left me exhausted.  I have been sewing all weekend, though.  As a matter of fact, I was scheduled to work today and took a personal day to finish the sewing I did not get done.  I might have gotten done if I didn't spend so much time RIPPING....grrr!

I am working on graduation gifts.  This quilt is made of blocks from a block exchange I did.  I really liked how it turned out.

 Apparently, too much.  See how the swirly has been sewn over 4 or 5 times?  I kept getting "stuck" and couldn't get out the correct direction.  I think I did this three times.

 If that wasn't bad enough, I have wrinkles.  I thought I was past doing that.   At this point it is a design element.  I suspect that it was because of how it was loaded on the frame.  It didn't come off square and that is all I am saying about that.

 The girl that is getting it will love it whether or no.  I just wish it were perfect for her.  Nothing to be done at this point.  I am dragging it with me to find binding for it tonight.  On to the next project.

For my quilt group this month we had to do our BOM stuff which I posted about here at the end.  We also have "projects" every month.  This month's were aprons.

The one on the far right I posted about last month.

This one is from an Eleanor Burns book called Egg Money Quilts, I think.  I lined mine because I knew I would wear it and I like mine lined.  I do have to modify it.  The pattern was designed for a woman with a less generous bosom, as Tante Ida would have said.  I need more room! So, I will have to lengthen the strap around my neck.  As usual, I made the ties longer. I want them tied in the front where I can stick a dishtowel or whatever in there.

This one I designed myself.  It is a clothespin apron.  I grew up without running water.  When I was a teenager and doing all the laundry for 6 to 12 people on a wringer washer and hanging it out to dry, I wore an old hooded sweat shirt and kept the clothes pins in the pocket. (Aggie Sloan would DIE if she saw THAT run on sentence!)  It worked so well.  I wanted mine to be prettier. I got a "build a clothesline" embroidery package from Embroidery Library.  I have plans to make my sister one and will change how I embroider so as to get more on my line.

I wanted my husband or sons to be able to use my clothes pin bag and I wanted a way to store it.  So, I put a sleeve behind the waste band and bought a pack of these suit hangers at the local Hell-mart.  

Slides on and off of the hanger quite easily and is just the right length for this short bodied woman.  Tails are long on this one, too.  Same reasoning AND if other members of my family want to use it, it will fit.  When I make my sister's I am going to make a tutorial.

My final thing for my BOM is a block we all were to make so that we can sign it and a quilt will be made.

So, I am taking everything in this post and everything in the post I linked earlier to my meeting tonight.  I feel like I am moving in!

It was a fairly good day.  I have a chicken alfredo lasagna ready for the oven and bread rising.  My guys will be happy.  Dishwasher is running and I am going to jump in the shower.

I am linking up to Sew Many Ways' Sew Darn Crafty Party.

I hope to post more this week including my recipe for Chicken Alfredo Lasagna.  It isn't for the faint of heart.  Very rich.

Keep stitchin'!



  1. Golly, did you pause for a potty break in there somewhere?! I hang out the laundry to dry during the summer and I use my grandmother's old clothespin bag...yours is definitely MUCH cuter!

  2. These are looking good. The quilt looks good and I don't see a problem with your quilting. And when did you sleep or eat?

  3. Love the blue quilt! Looks great to me! Your other projects are great! You got so much done!!

  4. Love the setting on the blue quilt! Hrmmpph...I might have to start doing more of the swaps, again!! Love the aprons. I really need a few new ones..and some new napkins. Guess I better get sewing!!

  5. Your blue BOM quilt is wonderful. I like it! My mouth is watering waiting for your Chicken Alfredo Lasagna recipe. That sounds really good and I'm behind on trying new recipes as one of my goals for 2012.

  6. It's beautiful! The recipient will be so pleased! I love your aprons too!


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