Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I swore I would never do

Cole over at All the Small Stuff has 3 on Thursdays.  I know I am probably old enough to be the mother of most of these women (I am 47) but some times I like to play along.  This week's is three things you will never do.

I just happen to have a letter that was an exchange between myself and a teenage girl I love dearly.  The point was for her to realize your priorities change.  She was 13 when we did this.  So...I have more than 3 but the exchange is telling in itself. 

And, fair warning to the mothers of girls everywhere.

My lists:

Things I said I would never do but ended up doing anyway:
1.  Wear small framed glasses.
2.  Wear flaired leg pants.
3.  Eat any form of seafood.
4.  Have boys.
5.  Wear yellow or green.
6.  Let my hair be straight and not pull it back.
7.  Highlight my hair.
8.  Wear capris
9.  Paint my fingernails or toenails.
10. Travel anywhere w/out my husband or kids.
11. Wear pants to church.
12. Live in Indiana forever.
13. Ask my kids to go up or down the stairs for me.
14. Prefer getting up early to staying up late.
15. Have fewer than 4 children.
16. Wear an uderwire bra.
17. Weigh more than 125lbs.
18. Let dogs in the house.
19. Cook w/ mixes or "shortcut prepared food" - i.e. not make it all from scratch
20. Drive a car with an automatic transmission.
21. Go more than a couple days w/out reading a book.
22. Take longer than two days to read a book.
23. Watch any form of ballgame on TV
24. Wear skirts that hit above the knee.
25. Wear a turtle neck or mock turtle neck.
26. Let my kids watch sports on TV.
27. Curse like I do.
Things I still swear I will never do...
1.  Wear plastic small frame glasses.
2.  Eat brussel sprouts, liver or brains.
3.  Wear shorts that come to my knees.  Okay, I'll probably do this but I hate them just like I hate capris.
4.  Wear jeans, shorts or tennis shoes to church.
5.  Wear orange
6.  Drive a station wagon.
7.  Have a house cat.
8.  Write in a Bible.
9.  Get overweight like my mom is.
10. Give up reading.
11. Read sci-fi
12. Watch sci-fi
13. Watch horror films.
14. Wear pants that don't come down past my ankles.
15. Wear "granny panties".
16. Wear a bikini.
17. Drink the water in Mexico
18. Hate my children.
19. Have any form of heart surgery.
20.  Use the "queen mother of all curse words"
21. Have a tv in the bedroom
22. Forget you.
It has been 5 years and I am still doing fine with everything but item 1.  Never trust the opticians to pick your glasses for you.  I hated them and replaced them 6 months later.
Now for her list:
Things I will never do:
1. Wear old women clothes
2. Act like an old geezer
3. Stop talking to all of my friends and relatives
4. Wear old ladies shoes
5. Smell like an old lady
6. Take drugs
7. Smoke
8. Get drunk
She was 13.  This weekend she graduates high school.  The next 10 years will be fun.
By the way, I think she wears old lady shoes already.  I sure wouldn't wear some of what these kids wear.
Linking up with Cole, just for fun.
This is the best I could do today with my migraine hangover.  Really.  I wasn't drunk.  I just look like it.


  1. ha ha this is hilarious! such a detailed list :)

  2. It was to make her think. Most teenage girls make the "I'll never...." statement several times over the years. I did, too. We often have to eat those words!

  3. Your lists are amusing! Never say NEVER!!! Or you'll have too do it, wear it, be it! LOL ♥♥♥

  4. Oh my goodness, what a great list!

  5. great list! wear old woman clothes... love that one!


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