Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 on Thursday, Guilty Pleasures

Cole over at All the Small Stuff has asked people to share their three guilty pleasures.

I think mine are a little different than most of theirs.  I have no interest in designer purses.  I like one pillow that is not too fluffy but not flat.  I only get one or two pedicures a year.  I have no guilt about books. I think they are good for me and the people I share them with.

In no particular order mine are:

Turtles candy.  They are over priced and hard to find around here.  I don't like the cheaper Pot of Gold versions.  I like Turtles.  When one of my sons or my husband buys them for me I get to eat the entire box or package.  One a day until they are gone.  I love them.


My car.  I have driven grocery getters and mom-mobiles for years.  I still have my Explorer.  Last year I ordered this.  It will do 0 to 60 mph in about 5 seconds.  It can get 110 in just over a quarter mile - yes, I know this personally.  If I drive it nice it gets 30 mpg.  I never get that.  But, damn!  Is it ever fun!

My other guilty pleasure would either be fabric or sewing machines.  I just can't decide.  I have too many of both.  My family says it is okay because I share them (unlike my car and my Turtles) and I make gifts for lots of others using them.  Maybe.  I still enjoy acquiring and using all of them.  And, I am a snob.  I like nice fabric and good machines.

Okay, what are your guilty pleasures?  Hop on over to Cole's and check out the others.



  1. Mmm, Fresh figs, afternoon naps in the sun, Pegasus Bay Aria wine. What a great post, thanks Mary!

  2. Turtles - check, fast cars - check and sewing/machines or fabric - check. Great choices. Mine would be - any chocolate candy with nuts (especially M7M peanuts, fudge with pecans, snickers); sitting and reading a good book and not having to cook, clean or do anything else, playing on one of my many sewing machines.


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