Sunday, May 13, 2012

Those Extra Blessing

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers.  I was fortunate enough to have three of my five with me today.

Last month I took a couple of classes about my quilting machine.  My DIL asked me how it went and I (foolishly) told her about it and how it had me looking at buying micro handles for my quilting machine.  Guess what I got for Mother's Day?

When I opened them they told me they were "from all three boys and the two extras."  I protested that they were way to expensive.  She told me that it was okay because "your extras will use them, too."  I know better than to mention looking at stuff without buying it.  My kids will go get it!

Neither of my DILs sewed before marrying my sons.  My husband says, "They came in and took a look at your toys and decided they wanted to play, too."  It is fun to be able to share with them and does make me feel less guilty about the nicer "toys" I have.

I have to say that my "extras" are a blessing to me.  First they make my boys happy.  Second, they like the brothers they aren't married to.  That is important.  My boys seem to be unusually close - or at least that is what other people tell me.  Having their wives accept this is does make me question those girls' sanity, though.  They are mine and I love them but three of them together is a LOT to deal with and not all of it is good!  Third, they are just such beautiful girls, inside and out.  Different as night and day and as smart as whips - which they proved by having the good sense to marry my sons!

And, the fourth reason is they are so very good to me.  That is selfish but I surely didn't expect it.  I have sons.  I know without a doubt that they all adore me but they are men.  Their wives are the daughters that grew in my heart instead of under it.    I have always heard, "A son is a son until he takes a wife..."  I worried but I shouldn't have.  A son is a son until he takes a wife.  Then he brings a daughter into your life.  I can't imagine our lives without them.

Today the new micro handles have me squealing with delight,  but my "extra blessings" remind me of the every day joy I find in being Mama and the new delights it brings me each year.

Happy Mother's Day

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  1. It's nice to hear such sweet comments from you about your DILs. I envy them!


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