Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There is a plan & Farewell Mollie

Getting off work in 45 minutes.  It will be my "weekend".  I have a plan.  Let's see how it goes.

Goals for today:

Get groceries - #3 is home on spring break.  He informed me he is FINALLY within his recommended weight range.  At 6'2" and running 80 miles a week, he requires a LOT of food to maintain that weight.   Btw, he thinks he is only 6' 1".  So, he weighs all of 152 lbs.

Speaking of weight, I just have to interject here.  In yesterday's mail I received an invitation to join Weight Watchers for free.  That wasn't so bad.  I did do WW many years ago with a friend.  I wanted to lose 10 lbs but I was within my "ideal" weight range.  Still am.  It was the second piece of mail that got me.  It was addressed to me personally with the correct address.  It was an offer for a seminar about bariatric surgery.

I said to #3, "My mirror and my scale must be big liars because I didn't think I was anywhere needing this."  My husband told me to write, "I am NOT fat!" on the flier and mail it back.  I should show up.  They sent me the invitation, afterall.

Okay, next on my list.  Quilt the sock monkey quilt.  If I don't get the binding on before I go to Texas, that sucker is going with me.

Cut the fabric for my mystery quilt at the retreat.   I seriously wonder what I was thinking signing up for this but I am going to give it a try.  Stepping outside of my box.

Cut the fabric for the stacked coins quilt.  I think I am looking forward to this.  I hope it looks as good as I imagine.  I bought bright orange variegated and bright pink variegated threads to quilt it with.  My niece loves orange and pink.

The final thing on my list really sucks.  Bury the dog.  Today we are having our beloved collie, Mollie, put down.  She is fourteen and it is time.  I am afraid if we don't someone will run over her.  Yesterday she got down in my MIL's drive and couldn't stand up.  #3 went and helped her up but I just can't risk it.  Have to be responsible.  That sucks!  It was so much easier when we were setting a good example for our kids.  But they are now grown.  I understand why people go crazy in middle age now.

There is always a little humor in our life.  After EK helped Mollie up yesterday she started doing her, "I'm not dead!" act.  I have warned her she may break a hip doing this but she tries.  Hubby was going to go dig the hole to bury her yesterday. I told him he didn't have to and that EK and I could do it today.  He grunted like he was Tool Time Tim and told me in his best cave man voice, "Digging holes is MAN work."  I pointed out that EK is 21 and now a man.  He let him help.

After he got out the backhoe to dig the hole, I hollered out and asked, "Are you burying the dog or ME?"  He said, "Both!"  When he came in he told me that digging a hole was man's work but filling it back in is woman's work.  It is amazing this man has reached the ripe old age of 48 married to me and talking like that.  He is gonna want to watch his back if he is giving me the shovel around a predug hole.  Just sayin'....

I also hope to start sewing on my crazy quilt jacket.   Better do that before the vet comes tonight because I will be a mess after that.  I am doing the right thing but I will miss her like crazy.

RIP Mollie....you were a good dog.  After helping me raise three boys and four other pups, you have earned a rest.

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  1. Well, that all sounded swell 'til the last part. I'm really sorry, Mary.


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