Friday, March 9, 2012

Sock Monkeys and Rags for FIUF, March 9 UPDATE: Better photos

Hello, all!  I truly have a Friday finish. I was up in my sewing room at 0430 this morning working on my finish.

I did not have the week I wanted.  See my previous post for what my plans were and what sent me down in the dumps.  I was due back to work this morning at 0700 and I work all weekend.  I leave for Texas Tuesday morning. I really wanted the Sock Monkey quilt done before then.  I put it on the quilting machine yesterday afternoon. 

I tried something new for my free motion quilting.  I had read to draw large FMQ lines and quilt back and forth over the lines so that you never sew yourself into a corner.  It took some practice to get the lines right - I was drawing them too close.  But it worked.  The part that has me madder than a wet hen is that my water soluble marker keeps coming back!

Can you see the blue lines on the white?  I am sorry for the quality of the pics and I may replace them.  I wanted them before I left this morning and rushed.  I won't be home before the sun goes down.  This may be as good as they get for a few days.

Anyway, the quilt is now in the washer.  I have warned my husband not to but it in the drier.  I am hopeful he will remember to hang it up for me when he gets home.

Here is the entire quilt.

Better photo:

The pattern called for using the same fabric as the border for the binding but I thought it needed something more.  That is the same reason I fussy cut the monkeys for the cornerstones.  I backed it was some prewashed tan flannel. 

I had some thread samples from Superior Threads that I used.  They had sent me a red bobbin with Bottom Line in it that worked great for this after some tension adjustments. It is a very fine thread.

I used a variegated thread that they had sent (and the brand escapes me!) for the top.  I love variegated threads.  Must be 70s flashbacks.

I did this for a girl at work but used a pattern from a BOM project.  So, have to take it to my BOM meeting on the 19th and then I will give it to her.  I hope she likes it!

UPDATE:  The trup through the washer took the marker out.  It is a comfortable quilt.  I hope the baby drags it to pieces!

I took a picture of the strip rag quilt I made my MIL one day this week. 

It looks very bright is that picture.

This is a little more like it.

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought those fabrics but my MIL loves them.  So, maybe I was thinking of her.  At any rate, it consumed 9 1/2 yards of my stash!  Woo Hoo!

I am linking up with Amanda Jean, AmyLouWhoSews, Richard and the Fabric Addict today.  Hop on over to their blogs and see what is going on with everyone else.

A big Whoop Whoop for the new grandbaby that the Fabric Addict is anticipating.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Congrats on such a productive week. Have fun at retreat...hope this rain clears up soon!

    1. Rain? I now have a moat around my house. One finger of it is threatening the dog kennels when it is actively raining. Pretty sure this will be the year I build the ark.

  2. Both quilts look great. FMQ is such a challenge but your quilt turned out so well! Congratulations!!

  3. Love that red monkey number:)

  4. Great projects! The sock monkeys are too cute, and I really like the colors in your raggy quilt. I'll bet your MIL loves it! :o)

  5. Love the sock monkey quilt!! So cute.

  6. 9 1/2 yards....Wow! Great use of stash!

    1. Thank you....I don't know that I would have felt so good about it if my husband hadn't helped with the clipping. Note to self: No more 2 inch strips!

  7. What a pretty rag quilt. :) And the sock monkeys are awesome.

  8. Two very pretty quilts! Good for you getting the sock monkeys done - I bet it was worth getting up early in the morning! Whoop whoop!!

  9. Love the monkeys thanks for linking up having a giveaway this week and making people pick which quilt they like for their chance to win and some one has picked the monkeys just a head up your quilt is loved.


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