Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Baaaaccckkk! (Tetris QAL week 5)

Hello, all!  I have been taking a bit of an unplanned hiatus.  I have worked a ton of hours the past two weeks and we canned and froze stuff both weekends.  Part of this was precipitated by a failing freezer.  I currently have about 5 gallons of peppers waiting to be processed and a ton of tomatoes but I am burnt out.

Tonight is my quilt club.  So, I am trying to play catch up in the sewing room - where I have NOT been for three weeks!  First up was my Tetris QAL.  I did not get Week 4 done until about 15 minutes ago.  Here is is.

Too late to enter in the weekly drawing but still done.  I forced myself not to skip ahead.  They go super fast. I was just in a funk after all the physical work and couldn't bring myself to sew.

I did week 5 simultaneously with week 4.  I did finish it in time to enter this week's drawing!  Yay, me!!

This is all five weeks laid out on my "design floor".  As you can see, I am carrying over from one week to the next.  I am some how short one red tile.  I looked in my sewing room but it seems to have been taken hostage in an unknown location.  Probably by one of the other WIPs I have in there!  I do have more of that fabric, so I can just cut another tile.

I am enjoying this project and I love how it looks in real life.  Thanks, Melissa, for letting me play along!

Going to sign off, grab a shower, run to the PO and then back to the sweat shop to sew more.

I have to go to the PO this morn because my son (29 years old) once again left from his visit and left things behind. I wonder if that boy thinks I won't let him back in if he doesn't have something here.  He and his wife both have keys to the house!  He needs part of what he left before the weekend.  So, Mama is going to go ship it to him.  I try to do my part to keep the PO in business locally!

As Tigger says, TTFN!

Hope to be back posting more later today.

Keep stitchin'!


p.s.  Forgot to say I am linking up with Melissa for Week 5 of the Tetris QAL.

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  1. This is looking so incredible. I love seeing it all laid out!! So excited for tomorrow!


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