Friday, August 23, 2013

Finish it Up Friday: Little Things Count

Hello, again!  I do NOT have my Fun 'n' Done completed.  I had to give up because I was so tired I couldn't keep my seams straight.  Here is an example.

I will be picking that out again.   I thought I had completed joining one set of rows and had the first seam in the other three sets.  Turns out I missed something.  One set has no seam and I picked out the seam of one.  Grrr!  You see why I finally stopped.

So, my little bitty finish is this.

That is right.  Two dish cloths.  They aren't the same size because I didn't have enough yarn for the last row of the second one.  They are dish rags for crying out loud.  Who cares if they are straight?

I made the first one last week while I waited on my 22  year old to have a colonoscopy.   I was a little embarrassed the it was all I had completed.  So, today it has a little sister and I am posting them.  Hey, I have worked 72 hours on two different shifts in the past seven days.  This is all I have in me!!

If you are new to my blog, go back one post to see the cute owl pin cushions I posted earlier in the week along with a link to the dead simple pattern.

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