Saturday, July 14, 2012

Simmering Saturday - Lots of Pots!

I thought about this post all day.  I was just too busy to make it!  Today I canned two loads of green beans.   That was kind of iffy for a while.  I had a stove in my basement for canning.  My husband took it to the shop last month to use as a powder coat oven.  This morning he brought home a used one. I had to help move it in but I now have a stove in the basement, again.

Nothing special but it does the job.

While doing that I also did the laundry, including the bedding and hung it out to dry.  Since my quilting machine is in the basement I also quilted a quilt for my aunt.  She told me to use it to try new things.  So, I did.  Some turned out okay and others not so okay.  Nothing spectacular.  Still trying to develop those skills.

I made homemade pizza for supper.  I was and still am in a bit of snit.  I am not talking and that worries the men in my life.  That's because they are smart.  Sometimes they are smart asses.  Today might have been one of those days.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

After working all day I decided I was going to sew whether or no.  I am in such a mood that I knew piecing wasn't going to cut it.  I needed to SEW!  So, I made my nieces pillow case dresses.

The larger one may be a little long but that will be fine.  I used some decorative stitches on some bias tape I had and added rickrack.  Both of those packages were labeled as fifteen cents.  I can't imagine how old they were but they are still good.

I used fun ribbon I had to hand from another project and added a button to the front of each.  I bought those buttons off the clearance rack for fifty cents a package.  So, each button cost more - a quarter - than the rickrack!  

All the fabric is scraps from other projects, too. 

These are actually for my grand nieces.  I am making one for my niece and stopped this post so I could take pictures of the lace I am working on but forgot!  Guess that means I should stop.

So, what is simmering in your world?  You?  Sewing?  Quilting?  Cooking? Canning?

Keep stirrin' and stitchin'!


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  1. Sweating sitting in front of the desk in office is simmering to me :(! Marry, I can imagine your hectic day with lots of tasks but yes, I agree with the point that you need a break now because it's enough for a day. Good luck for you and your nieces :).
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