Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Meghan

Today there was a family dinner for my husband's niece, Meghan.  Tomorrow she will be eighteen.  We didn't decide to go until this morning.  So, I had no gift.  I have to go to "town" tomorrow. Figured I would pick something up then.

Not wanting to go empty handed, I made this this morning.

I would change a few things on the next one but I thought it was cute. I wish I had taken more pictures but I forgot in my rush.  I have since added buttons on both sides in the center of the yellow.  They are pink flowers with yellow centers.  The zipper doesn't show up well but it is lavender/purple and I had a heart charm I put on the pull tab.  It is lined in green.  I know the picture gives no perspective but those are 2" squares and a 12" zipper.

I think it turned out kind of cute and she seemed happy.  I also made her card since I didn't have one!  For some reason she really liked it.  So, it was a good day.  Even better is I spent no money.  Everything I used was from my stash AND all of this had been bought on sale!

Now I really need to work on the blocks for my BOM meeting tomorrow night.  Nothing like procrastination!

Keep Stitchin'!



  1. That's adorable -- and definitely better than a last minute purchase would have been!

  2. Very pretty bag. I am glad that Meghan liked your present.


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