Monday, February 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday

We had a very busy weekend.  That meant no time in the sewing room.  I spent all of my hours in the kitchen. We had 50 people in for Cajun food Saturday night.  Fun times but exhausting.

Today I am still trying to recover.  Thank God for leftovers!  I had a very slow start to my day.  My only real accomplishment is cutting out the fabric for my "special project" for my BOM club.  I really didn't know this was going to get so involved.  I thought I would show up, get the pattern for the next month and show what I made last month.  Nope!  There is a special project, show & tell and a story time (Civil War) each month.

This month's special project is a baby quilt from this free pattern.  The shop owner decided we could use any fabric in the shop for this project.  Since we get a 15% discount on fabric we buy for the special projects on class night AND I needed a baby quilt for a girl at work, I decided to participate. 

The girl at work has not "theme" for her baby stuff but she and her husband like sock monkeys and baseball.  This is their third boy after about an 8 year break.  Rilleda has some sock monkey fabric.  Yay!  Two birds with one stone and a discount! 

While buying the fabric I couldn't really decide about which fabric I wanted to use for certain parts.  So, I cut it both ways (two extra 6" blocks) and laid it out to see.  I still can't decide.  I only have a little bitty design wall suitable for about four blocks.  This is the floor of the loft in my house and the sun was shining strongly in the sky light.  Not perfect picture but the colors aren't too bad.

This was what I thought I wanted.  The blocks will be sashed with an off white color - not quite as dark as muslin.  The border is a brown, sock texture looking fabric.  I want to bind in the red.  But, I love red.  Perhaps that is too much red and this would be better:

I have enough of the brown fabric I could use it for binding if I wish.  Today I am all wishy washy.  Had a pretty bad migraine and medicated for that.  The rotary cutter was a really dumb idea and I am glad I didn't get hurt (again).  Perhaps tomorrow I will be clearer but today I just can't decide.

The blue and the red are both 30s repro fabrics.  The pring on the blue looks kind of like baseballs is why I chose it.  The red is just a vine/leaf print.  Nothing girlie on here.  What do you think?  Option one or option two? 

I am going to link up with Patchwork Times for design wall Monday?  Mine is on the floor but what is on your wall today?

Thanks for looking!


p.s.  I can't seem to get a service pack to load that will allow me to upgrade IE on this computer.  Therefore I cannot access certain things - like several people's blogs.  Please forgive me for not commenting on your blogs. I will when I can see them again.........Mary

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