Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday's Simmerings

Today I had a lot of simmering going on.  I tried to sleep since I am working nights this weekend.  I woke up for good at about 11:00 a.m. but I laid there "thinking"....simmering....planning...

Going back to my first pot: I am still working on the pond quilt.  I actually took some pictures of it today with my camera instead of my phone but they looked worse than what I have.  I have been embroidering on it.  I have added 6 or 7 fish, 3 frogs and some dragon flies.

Those are blue gill for the unknowing.  There is another on the quilt at the other end.

This is a bullfrog on a rock.

Each fish I embroidered had somewhere between 22 and 36 thread changes.  It was nuts!  I am still going to add a rocky border and then a fishing scene border.  I am free handing the quilting so I don't break any needles on those darn fish!

I left that pot simmering since yesterday. I finished up those blue gill as I cleaned my upstairs.  Last night I made a new to me discovery.....1600 Quilt.  Have you seen these?  They are so stinking cute! All it takes is a jelly roll and NO cutting.

The other pot I had simmering is this beauty:

I bought this panel when I went to the neuro on Thursday.  (It is called shopping therapy.  I was STRESSED!).  I thought I could use it to make a wall hanging for my living room but it is a little big.  I think it is going to be a throw.  When I got up I dug through my fabric looking for what I wanted to go with this.    That pot is stewing.

I felt so useless today.  I just couldn't resist.  I decided to start one of those jelly roll 1600 Quilts.  I have all of one jelly roll.  It is Hello Betty by Moda.  I started sewing the strips together.  About strip number 13 I realized I was sewing my miters BACKWARDS!!  I cursed a lot.  At least in my head.  Went down and sat by my napping husband and picked those out.  Back to machine.  This time I got it right.  Took me about 25 minutes to sew all 40 together.

Off to ironing board.  That took another 30 minutes.  I recommend doing this in 5 sections of 8 strips.  Doing the pressing and then connecting the 5 sections.  Much easier to handle than what I did.

I sat down and sewed that first 800 inch seam.  My DIL came in.  It was nearly time for supper.  I am probably 100 inches into the next seam.  I swear I will finish this tomorrow.  But I have decided it needs a huge flower appliqued on it.  I don't do hand work or I would put it on after quilting. I see something red.  It is simmering...

What have you got simmering?

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