Friday, November 25, 2011

My name is Mary and I think I have a problem...

I know.  You all are thinking I have fabric addiction.  I do.  But, that isn't really a "problem" far!  What may be a problem is the sewing machines.  I just bought another.  That makes NINE!!!

See what I mean?  I may have a problem. I am comforting myself that nine isn't the entire truth.  Here is my roll call:

#1.  Twenty five + year old worn out Kenmore: I want to get rid of this one. It was my first machine and when I bought another about 5 years ago I just couldn't part with it for sentimental reasons.  I made all the curtains for more than one house, my sons' clothes and coats for years, my best friend's wedding dress, an untold number of formals for weddings, proms and choirs and all the bed spreads (I hesitate to call them quilts) for the boys' rooms when we built this house.  I also made hundreds of Christmas presents ranging from pot holders to coats on it.  It truly is worn out.  I got it out the other day and played with it and decided it was time for it to go.  Just where? is the question.

#2.  Babylock Ellegante I bought in 2004 to replace #1.  Somehow I decided I needed an embroidery machine.  I go through spells with that.  For the past month it has ran like a train nonstop.  It is a pretty machine and functions beautifully.  I named her Irene.  I actually really like it but I got tired of waiting on it to embroider and wanted to sew simultaneously.  So.....

#3.  Janome Memory Craft 6600P that I call Mae.  I bought her to supplement Irene.  She is a workhorse.  haven't found anything she can't sew and I love that she goes at 1000 spm.

#4.  Janome MyLock 744D serger.  I bought at the same time as #2.  My serger was a throw away from Sam's Club that I had worn out.  It wasn't salvageable.  This one is so much nicer but I still covet a Babylock Imagine with the jet air threading.

#5.  HandiQuilter HQ16.  I was saving my money to buy a quilting machine some day.  Then my grandmother died.  Because my mom had died the year before I inherited a small amount of money.  I decided I would buy a frame to use Mae on.  When I went looking for what I thought I wanted I was offered an amazing deal on this machine.  I ended up taking it and the QuilTable that the frame was on.  I don't regret that at all.  My DILs both use it, too.

#6.  Is a Simplicity something or another that a man at church gave me when he found out I sewed.  It was brand new.  He couldn't make it work because he had put craft thread on it.  I offered it back to him and to show him how but he told me to keep it.  So, I "loaned" it to my sister.  Technically it is mine but I don't intend to ever take it back.

#7.  I then decided I would love to have a treadle machine.  My then future DIL must have decided she liked me because she went to her dad and asked for her grandmother's treadle for me.  Her grandmother's name was Agnes and that is what I call my machine.  She is a pretty little thing and is actually a rather rare model.

#8.  Janome MC3000.  One day this past September I wasn't feeling well and was scanning craigslist just to keep me awake.  I found a listing for a Memory Craft sewing machine.  My son had an eye dr's appointment nearby and I road along and went to look.  I bought this machine and a cabinet and stool for $25.  My plan was to loan it to my DIL and use it for a travel machine for me.  She was so happy with it and said it should count as her birthday present.  So, I don't really have that one anymore either!

#9.  Singer 301A long bed.  I decided I want to go to a quilt retreat.  I don't have a machine in my possession  I could fly with.  After some research I decided I wanted one of these.  My husband is going to refurbish it and paint it for me.  I hate that mocha color Singer used in the 50s through 70s.  He is going to paint it red!  I just bought it on eBay day before yesterday.  I am super excited!  Can't wait!  She only ways 16 pounds. She has retractable feed dogs and a reputation for a great stitch. She can stitch at up to 1500 spm!  My husband is excited because I am getting one I will let him work on. 

I have never been to a retreat before. I think I am going to go meet my aunt in Dallas and we are going to go to one over near Tyler. Should be a blast. I hope my machine is done in January so I have a couple of months to play with her first.  She doesn't have a name yet. 

The more I research old machines the more I want.  I could easily become a collector.  I really want a 201 now.  There is another I want but the model # is slipping my mind.  I want some of the older ones that have style and are so pretty.

I am sick, aren't I?

Keep stitchin'!


  1. I have your sickness because I've got ten..11 if you count the antique toy machine. Unfortunately, my Mom has us both beat. I've lost track of all the ones she has. We're lucky, if the power goes out, we can still sew with our treadles!!

  2. Now I feel so much better! Most people I know have one and don't understand why I have more than one. My husband and sons are moving an old Juki into my basement this weekend. It is my MILs that she used for upholstery. My basement furniture needs redone and we are going to use that. I doubt that it ever leaves.

    I seriously thought I was going to break out my treadle last week. I was determined to sew and the power was out. As I went to the bedroom it is in the power finally came back on!


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