Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A New Lady and a Face Lift for a Grand Dame

This week I am working nights.  Around 11:00 a.m. today I heard a honk in my driveway.  I realized it was the mailman.  He was already on the porch by the time I got up.  I didn't go to the door in my pjs.  I am sure he is very glad of that!  He left me a package.  The new drawers for my treadle!

This is my lady

And, her cabinet:

Notice all the damage on the upper left drawer.  A rogue mouse did that during her former life.  She also has paint dripped on her and is in need of a face lift.  That started today.

Sorry for the poor picture.  I couldn't get the lighting right in the bedroom this afternoon and wanted this on here tonight.  My husband is going to make a new piece to go between the drawers.  So, her face lift is under way but not complete.  I will keep you posted!

This is my new lady:

She is a Singer 301A with a long bed.  The deal was supposed to be that my husband would paint her red for me.  I have never been a fan of this color that Singer used.  My husband was home when she arrived.  I could tell she was a little tight but I threaded her anyway.  The bobbin thread just wouldn't pull through consistently.  She needed cleaned so badly.  This is what she looked like an hour later:

My husband got hold of her.  As he dug deeper he kept telling me she had very little sewing time.  He has decided he just can't paint this machine.  He thinks I should find another to paint!  He was really enjoying tinkering with her.  I actually planned to do most of that myself but who am I to ruin a man's fun!  As long as I have one back together and functioning well before I go to a retreat I will be happy.

I did sew a little this afternoon before she arrived.  I am working on two tree skirts from a Thimbleberries pattern. I have to say, I am not a fan of how her patterns are written.  But, I am wading through.  One will be a table topper and one a tree skirt.  They are different and the final decision will be based upon which one turns out worse....that will be the skirt!

I am going to see about a couple more 301s in a week or so.  The lady told me one is only a donor machine.  Be something good for M to practice paining on!

Keep stitchin'!

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