Monday, September 23, 2013

Make A List Monday

Hello, all!  I am a week late with this post but I did NO sewing this past week.  I did not complete my list but I didn't do too bad.

1. Finish Fun and Done quilt (would do Wednesday at its class but just asked to babysit my grandson!)
    Completed.  You can see it here.
2. Complete Ugly Sister top.  Did not touch this.
3. Quilt at least three quilt tops.  I know I did two but I can't come up with a third.
4. Final border on 2012 BOM.  Still working on it.
5. BOM for August and September.  Did August but had to skip September meeting so....
6. Owl pin cushions for BOM. Completed - on time - you can see them in this post.  Scroll down.
7. Use D9P for leaders and enders I did this.  I still need to add a border and then it is ready for quilting.
8. Earth tones quilt completed to take to NY. Completed.  It morphed into more work than I planned (thus some of the others being put on hold).  It turned out great and they loved it.  You can see it here

So here is my list for the remainder of September and October.

1. Binding on French General
2. Complete Ugly Sister top.  
3. Quilt at least three quilt tops. Should be easier because I have some laps ready and I am going to do edge to edge instead of the custom stuff I did on the two from this month.
4. Final border on 2012 BOM.  
5. BOM for September and October.
6. A set of Owl pin cushions for my cousin's wife.
7. One of the special projects for my BOM.  Will probably be the quilt due in November.  I don't know that I want to do the baby quilt for next month.
8.  Take Five from my Fabric Uglies.
9.  Start a coin quilt from my scraps as my new leaders and enders.
10.Clean the big sewing machines.
11. Start a farm animals book for Blaine for Christmas and maybe a teepee.

Okay, that is a lot.  We will see how it goes.  Today I am off to the oncologist. Should just be a check up.  Wish me luck!

Keep Stitchin'!



  1. Lots of prayers for your doctor visit!! Here's wishing more sewing time for you!

  2. Thanks, Reenie. I think it went well. I actually had the pleasure of three doctors. It is a teaching hospital. So, that doesn't surprise me. Everyone was in agreement that I am doing well and I think I will get to cut out yet another scan. Yay!!! Depends upon how the one in October turns out but if it is clean I get to wait until next year for another.


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