Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday: French General Jelly Roll - It's BACK!!

Hello, all.  I am making another post about my Jelly Roll 1600 in French General.  I think I will get one more post out of this quilt.  You can read the first two here and here.  I really wanted to have this quilted today BUT my current migraines is laughing maniacally and saying, "No way, sister!" I am, posting about quilting instead of actually doing it.

I like to do edge to edge designs because they are quick and easy.  But I have done enough of those that I feel like I should break out of my box and try harder.  So, I have three different border designs. First I did swags.  Then, I went back and filled in with straight line quilting.

Sorry for the shadows.  It is still on the quilting frame in my basement.  I am doing all of this with rulers.   The swags show up better on the back but they are now rolled onto the take up roller.  For the next border (the cream with the red print) I am doing a floral.

For the body of the quilt I am using a design called Hearts A Flutter.

Now for my confessions.

1.  I took a class with a Handi Quilter educator and she told us, "Groovy boards are quilting for idiots."  Thanks!  I am an idiot and I am fine with that some times.  The heart design and the floral design are Groovy Boards.

There is a stylus attached to the machine carriage and you move the machine and follow the design.  Because I am not doing edge to edge and am mixing designs I have to do a lot of adjusting and pay attention to get them in the right place.  Hopefully, that saves me from being a complete idiot.  Not that I really care.

2.   I royally screwed up the back but found it too late to fix.

See the puckers I sewed into the back?  That made me HAPPY!  NOT!  Since this is for my bed, I just take it as another lesson learned. Hopefully it will be less obvious after it is washed.

BTW, here is the backing for this quilt.

Yes, I know.  C- R - A- Z - Y!  I made the fabric I had on hand work and sort of satisfied my OCD.  I am using bamboo batting for the first time ever.  A lady in my quilt group kept extolling its virtues.  Since I have allergies and it is hypoallergenic I thought I would try it.

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What are you working on?

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  1. oh, I love French General. and jelly rolls! your quilting choices for it are looking lovely. keep it up! once the migraine is gone - ouch.

  2. Love the quilting. You have my sympathy with your migraines, when they get started they are a nightmare. I hope you are fit enough for quilting soon.


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