Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mystery Quilt: Week 7

Hello, folks!  Did you sew yesterday for Quilt Day?  I did not.  I did make it into a store but I did not buy a single thing.  My DIL did.  Have to sew this evening or tomorrow.  I have my BOM tomorrow evening and haven't done it yet.  it is a basket and I am sick to death of those darn baskets.  Oh, well!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the winners of the blog hop.  I am shocked at all the new followers I gained.  Better step  up my game.

On to this weeks instructions.

Week 7: We will be making rows. Week 5 was block A and Week 6 was block B. Join the blocks in rows of 6, alternating A and B. Start with A. You will be joining them so that the 4-patches are sewn to 4-patches and the HSTs are sewn to HSTs. Press all the seams in the same direction. Trust me here. You will have 8 rows with two blocks left over.

If this isn't clear, ask me.  I am off work this week and should be able to answer fairly quickly.  Next week is the end and I will be giving the link to the website I took this from.  They have line drawings.

Until tomorrow, keep stitchin'!



  1. It sounds like you had some fun sewing - other than that darn basket.

  2. Hi, Mary, Just got home from the Stitchin' Heaven spring retreat. We missed you! Got caught up on all the mystery blocks and am now ready for Clue 7. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Love reading your blog.


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