Thursday, March 21, 2013

Down on the Farm

I somehow get myself involved in things that make me scratch my head and wonder what that little man on my shoulder was thinking.  After all, a smart WOMAN like myself would not do these things.

What am I blathering about?  And, when are we getting down on the farm?  This...

This is a row robin I am doing on  The middle row is the originator's row.  Her theme is The Neighborhood at Evening/Night.  My neighborhood is a farm.  So, I tried.

These are supposed to look like hay stacks.

I was trying to mimic hers which you can see in the top of this picture.

She did all that by hand, folks!  I HATE hand work.  It is a pair of four letter words. I tried to add a lot of detail with my machine and was pleased with the effect until I laid in next to hers.  It looks a little bare.  I could add some birds/bats flying around and maybe a crescent moon. What do you think?

On other news, my son and DIL have been here all this week.  They came to play with our toys.  She has been piecing quilts and quilted one this morning.  He is in his dad's woodworking shop making an entertainment center, I think.

I was going to upload a picture of her quilt but it isn't coming.  Have to fix supper.  Pizza...That should be no big deal except I make everything from scratch.  N

So, any thoughts??




  1. Your row is perfect! The fact that there is a bit more bare space gives the person who eventually does the quilting LOTS of options for designs to enhance your farm fields. I wouldn't change a thing about this!

  2. The reason yours looks sparse is that the country has wide-open spaces that the town does not. Looks beautiful to me.


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