Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shhhh.....Don't tell anyone....

In five hours my vacation starts!  I have no plans to go anywhere but I do have a list of things to catch up on.

Do you know what this is?

This is my practice with an ink pen for quilting patterns.  I ain't very good!  I have terrible hand writing and I think they are similar skills.  If I am this bad with an ink pen how can I expect to be any better with a quilting machine?  I may have to stick with my Groovy Boards for quilting but I am still trying to improve.

I am making a list for this week and will try to be honest on here.    It will be a big list.


Pick green beans.
Can the ham and beans I have ready.
Go to the post office.

Do laundry - especially all the bedding.  My kids have been home the past few weekends.  I found piles of dirty sheets in one of the bedrooms.  They change them but tend not to get them in the hamper.
Practice quilting while doing laundry and canning in the basement. to Terre Haute and get something to wear tomorrow.  Would love to get a pedi but just too much to do!
So...paint nails and toe nails.


Food for Family reunion - ham balls, ranch potatoes, buttermilk praline cake, apple tarts.
Go to reunion - remember camera and to NOT hug my dad.  He has a shattered sternum.  I saw him on Tuesday and hugged him like I always do.  Not a good idea.  I told my husband, "Yeah, I am gonna feel super special when they tell me I punctured his heart with the bone fragments of his shattered sternum!"  Daddy, of course, said it was alright and didn't hurt "that bad."  The old fool is a liar!!
Can green beans after reunion.

Reality is setting in.  I will be doing all the things I have planned for today because I am TIRED. But, if that isn't the case I  hope I am putting my sewing room back together.  Number 3 is living in an apartment this year.  He wouldn't commit to needing any furniture but now every time he comes home he takes something else.  So far I have lost a chest of drawers I kept yarn and fabric in and a desk that had an attached bookshelf.

As a result my sewing room looks like tornado went through.  I am still considering painting it while it is in turmoil.  I also need to come up with some sort of shelf to replace the missing storage.  My husband quietly suggested I could get rid of some things.  I ignored that and let him live.

Seriously, while I am off I hope to finish Sarah's quilt - including quilting, quilt Mike's quilt I made at retreat, finish the girl baby quilt I am making and make major headway on two boy baby quilts.  I also need to do my BOM.  If I get all that and my canning done I will be in good shape to work on Christmas presents the two weeks after that.

I am going to be busy next weekend, too.  We girls (me and the DILs) are going to see Wicked.  Pretty excited about that.

But right now, my major plan is a nap.

So...back to the list:

Embroider baby bibs
Make more buntings
Burp cloths
Receiving blankets
Rag quilt sewn - my husband can clip it.  He LIKES doing them.  Why would I mess with that?

Maybe I will add to this later today.  I am disappointed I don't have a finish for today.

I also have another thought for this week.  I am approaching 100 posts and I now have 40 followers.  I think I will have a giveaway for my 100th post.  If I reach 50 followers, I will have another give away.  I hopped all over for the Quilting Gallery blog hop.  Didn't win a thing but now I am following an inordinate number of blogs.  I would have had a giveaway myself but didn't join until after.

This post is TERRIBLY long.  Time to shut up, Mary!

Down to 4 hours and 20 minutes until I am on vacation!

Have a great weekend, all. Check back because I think I am going to have lots to say this week!



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  2. That sounds suspiciously like a working vacation, Mary, but I still won't tell anyone...ENJOY!!

  3. Enjoy your vacation and let us know what you're up to!!

  4. It is a catching up vacation. Today I added a trip to TH for the annual squashing. Now, going to run to the south to check on some cabinets for my sewing room. Wish me luck with that!


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