Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family is like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts!

Remember Friday?  I had a plan.  Well...I don't think I followed through on that.  I do have 14 jars of ham and beans canned.

I also finally caught up on all the laundry.  Can anyone explain to me why I have seven sets of dirty sheets and only four beds in this house?  I had washed the sheets a week ago last Thursday (don't tell Oprah!).  My kids have a nasty habit of changing the sheets on the beds when they come to visit and leaving the dirty ones on the floor in the room.  Until I go to clean the room again, I don't find them!!  They are all clean now but only my bed is made.  I might get to the others this week.

My husband says not to make them and let them do it themselves since they have been known to remove clean sheets when they arrived. It is a funny thing.  I have one son and DIL that obsess about if someone else  has slept on the sheets.  The others - including the doctor - shrug and say, "A night or two from them isn't going to hurt me."  I have to find another double bed.  That is the issue.  EVERYONE wants the double bed.  So, that is what whoever gets home first sleeps in.

Okay, enough ranting.....I went to my family reunion yesterday.   That is such a comforting experience.  It makes me realize no matter how weird I am, I fit in somewhere.  I am having a little problem sleeping right now.  Yesterday I was up at 0430.  I took a ham, cheesy ranch potatoes, 7-layer salad, Buttermilk Maple Praline cake and cereal bars. My dad asked if I thought we might starve.

It was a fun day and this is my favorite picture from it.

In this picture are my two sisters, three of my cousins and two of my second cousins.  Don't we look like a fun bunch?  I am the second from the right.  The one wearing dark glasses

I will leave you with advice from a blind man.  I have a cousin that was blinded when we were in our early 30s.  He says the meanest thing you can do to a blind man is leave a plunger in the toilet......He might be one of the nuts!



  1. I found your blog via Sew Many Ways, and just had to comment about everyone wanting the double bed. Did you know you can put two twin size mattresses side-by-side to form a king size bed? To minimize any gap, you can put a king-size mattress pad over both mattresses, and use king-size bedding. Just a thought--we found it more affordable than buying a big bed for guests, yet it is still comfortable.

  2. Hahahaha!!! I LOVE your cousin!!


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