Friday, September 28, 2012

A Friday Finish - FINALLY!

Hello, all!  I am so glad to finally have a Friday Finish.  I actually have a couple for this week and one I don't think I posted about from a couple of weeks ago.  Also....I am having a giveaway because yesterday I made my 100th post.  More about that in a bit.

Getting business out of the way first, I plan to link with

Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts - Welcome back and thank you for hostessing!
Karen at Sew Many Ways - I am always looking for new friends and followers can win my giveaway
Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict - I may have let out a Whoop or two for today's finishes!
Richard and Tanya at Richard and Tanya Quilts - I am squeaking in on your giveaway.  Thank you!

So, my finishes.....I just peaked at Sarah's blog and I stink compared to that woman.  All I have done right now are tops - flimsies, some people call them - but I am celebrating after the "troubles I've known!"

First finish is an old one that I finally got a picture of.  We have had rain for several days and I am NOT complaining!  But it made pictures difficult in my house.  And, I do this alone.  So, my clothes line is a great help.

This is my Tetris top from Melissa's quilt along.  It is longer than my clotheslines are tall and I wanted the entire quilt.  I apologize if the picture gives you vertigo - it did me!

I think I am going to add the word "TETRIS" down one side and embroider on the other side. I thought I could put "High Score" and my name and date and put the recipient's name and her birthday as the score for the current player.

My next finish was earlier this week.  I had this one done a week ago but it would not lay flat.  So, I took all four borders back off and tried again.  The result is I lost four inches on each dimension.  Now it only measure 94"x110".  It is for my DIL and as I crawled all over the floor muttering, measuring and cursing my son asked me if it was for his wife.  When I told him yes he said, "Mom, it is good enough for who it is for.  We will love it.  Stop killing yourself over a half inch."  So, not perfect but....

There are two more rows of blocks I couldn't show.  I don't know why that blue photographs like that but it looks fine in person.

Photography does odd things.  The star and the first light fabric have the same design in them the "odd" blue does.  I am so glad to finish this.  I keep calling it "The Albatross" but it will be called Sarah's star when it is labeled.

My finish today is my Dr. Seuss quilt I mentioned yesterday.  This morning it was NOT going well.

I had it pieced but now hated the green.  So.....I cut off all I could.  Then I started adding borders.

MUCH better.  I was worried I was going to have to trash it for a while.  I am sick to death of borders right now.  I was so worried after the Albatross that I measured everyone of them about 14 times.

As I mentioned yesterday, these are the fabrics in my giveaway.  You will get a minimum of a fat eighth of all (including the two fabrics I didn't use in the quilt) except the Lorax fabric.  I had a cutting error and I don't have a full fat eighth remaining.  You need to be a follower and leave a comment.  I won't be drawing until after the baby shower on Oct 20.  Good luck!

This was my photographer's assistant today.

Doesn't she look pitiful?  Her name is Bonnie.  She is an English Shepherd.  We went to the vet yesterday because she has a hot spot on her neck and chest.  Hopefully the steroid shot will help.  Hasn't slowed her down any.  She is 56 pounds of mole catching, tennis ball chasing energy.  That mole catching is great but the holes not so much!

Thanks for wading through my monstrous post!

Keep Stitchin'!



  1. Hi, Mary,
    Good job! The Dr. Seuss quilt is lively and fun, and the borders are just right. I'm happy to hear from you again. Please give Bonnie a pat for me; I love doggies.
    Thanks for your taco soup recipe. I think I will like it better than the one I have--too many green chilis in mine!
    Congrats on becoming a grandmother! Keep quilting. Sallie from Texas

  2. Great jobs all the way around. Especialy love the assistant.

  3. Wow there is a lot going on in this post, which means you really accomplished a lot! Your idea for the tetris is clever! And I think Sara's Star is a much better name than The what an amazing difference those borders made on the Dr. Seuss. Have I missed anything?? Well, yes....your assistant is beautiful!

  4. Lovely finishes! Definitely worth all of your hard work. Your DIL will love her quilt!

  5. Thanks for sharing how you changed the border. I have a top to do that to also. I really like the colors you used.

  6. I love the Dr.Seuss quilt. It's always hard to find a good design that won't take away from the fun prints. It's awesome. I had to pin it for inspiration!

  7. All you finishes are great! I'm glad you were able to finally get some pictures. I can't imagine how irritating it must have been to take off those borders! I'm ripping out a bunch of quilting just now and it's making me want to tear my hair out. I love your Dr. Seuss Quilt, you were right to add the extra borders, but I do think the green background makes the twisty blocks really pop. Super fun!

  8. Borders can be tedious can't they?! They really complete a quilt though....ahh frustrating:/

    I like your Albatross quilt..I mean Sarah's Star quilt;)

  9. Great finishes, Mary..every one of them! I love (and covet) the Dr. Seuss quilt and really like the green. The borders, though a pain, really finish it off nicely. Your assistant looks like nothing gets past her. Congrats on your 100th post and thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  10. Mary, you have done some wonderful finishes recently. I feel for you and know your pain about having to take off borders and reapply them because of problems. You really make the green go away by adding those bright primary borders. I like it better too. Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabric. As you know, I am a follower and finally got my computer back on track. Congratulations on reaching your 100th post. Here's to many 100s more.

  11. Some say quilting is very forgiving. But when things don't work out to our own high standards, we just need to scream and fondle some fabric. The borders did the trick. It looks wonderful!


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