Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Repurposed Egg Crate

I should have something to show for this.  Shouldn't I?  I swear I have been busy this week.  Mostly all that stuff that HAS to be done and catching up on my sleep.  Working nights really messes with me.

Some how I have gotten "decorating" my porch into my head.  I am not a decorator.  Someone should be slapped for getting me on to Pinterest.  I see stuff and remember plans I had for some day.  I guess today is some day.  My porch is my WIP.

Isn't this pretty?  This is the third or fourth year I have used this and I love it every year.

It started out like this.

A few years ago I decided it would work as a planter and side table for my porch swing.  I made a fabric liner for the base.  It lasted through three seasons but needed replaced this spring.

I had used leftover ticking for it the first time.  I admit, it may have lasted better if I had emptied it and stored it during the winter.  I did not.  Probably won't this time either.  Obviously, I need a new liner.  I looked for more of the ticking (I am sure I have) for about 5 minutes and then pulled down the green.  It is from the clearance rack.  I remember I paid $3/yard for it.  I was going to make porch cushions but fortunately my MIL gave me something brighter/better.

This is VERY easy to make if  you find something similar you want to make a flower pot from.  Measure the bottom of your item.  Mine is 11.5" square.  The first time I made it I only had 2" sides.  I went deeper this time.  Add 8" to 10" (4 to 5 for each side) to your measurement and cut out a square.

From each corner cut out the 4 or 5" you added minus a half inch.  If you cut 8" bigger, cut out 3 1/2" squares.  If you cut 10" bigger, cut out 4 1/2" squares.

I really didn't care what it looked like, so I left the selvage on.   It is NOT necessary to hem the edges but I took this opportunity to try out a new foot on my Featherweight.

This the foot and the hem on the first one I did.  Then I remembered I wanted it deeper this time (like I already told you!).  So, I made a second one.

 Match the cut edges at each corner and sew a half inch seam.  Like shown below.

This seam forms the corners.

 Sew all four corners the same way.  Don't worry if your fit isn't perfect.

Cut a piece of heavy plastic to put in the  bottom and fit the liner with the plastic inside into the basket or other item.  I have been known to use grocery sacks but prefer heavy plastic.  I use what comes around the peat moss I buy every year.

Get some plants you like.

I broke these up and shoved them into the four corners and filled around them with potting soil.

 This does dry out quicker than a box. I might try adding the plastic higher.  See those two blue boards on the right?  In previous years they went on top and this served as a table.  The zinnias are too big for that but I have other table plans.  Stay tuned!

Some more pictures of plants I re-potted today. 

So....this is my WIP.  I have great plans for my porch and I think my friend, Dana, over at My Simple Gifts  
might help me out with some of them.  She is a super talented lady - a true artist - and you should check her out.

I have some quilty things to post about but I am going to stop here and hope I make another post tomorrow..

I am going to link up with Sew Many Ways and Sew Much Ado We Did it Wednesday, My RePurposed Life Be sure to check everyone out.


p.s.  This is what I ate while I typed this.

I call it The Ugly Cobbler.  I am trying to use up last year's blackberries.  It is a sacrifice, I tell you.  I may have a second piece and call it supper!


  1. REALLY!?! You just HAD to post that last picture to rub it in?!? Well, fine...but I still have nice stuff to say about your pretty porch. I envy anyone with a green thumb. I'm the offspring of a woman who killed a cactus...I'm not kidding. Nice finish, Mary!

  2. Quiltin Mama is right, so what now, I have to go make a cobbler, you temptress you ;) Oh wait, I can't blackberries aren't in season yet, saved. (And, please don't mention the ability to use other fruits, thank you) Love what you did to your porch, and I definitely have to check out My Simple Gifts.

    I work nights too, but only two days a week, from 11pm to 7am and have so much down time the owner said I can work on my online business while I'm there, a great time for social media, never knew so many people were up at those hours.

  3. LOL about the second piece of pie being supper! :)

    cute repurpose of the egg crate-it looks great.


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