Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 on Thursday: Best and Worst

Once again I am participating in Cole's 3 on Thursday.  This week the topic is the best (and worst) things about being your age.

My age is 47.  I really need to update my profile. It says I am a mid forties former teen mom.  Quickly approaching that big five oh.

Okay the three BEST things about my age:

My Kids:  They are raised and every indication is that we did an okay job.  Well, maybe not EVERY indication.  My kids are normal.  There has been some drinking and hell raising.  There is some driving too fast and spending money on things that make me scratch my head.  But mostly they are good men.  The still come home regularly, pay their bills and two of them have married wonderful young ladies.   Statistics said they didn't stand a chance but everyone of them went to college.  The youngest is not quite done.

Home:  When I was a kid we moved every six months until my mom remarried when I was twelve.  Then I lived right smack dab in the middle of a junk yard.  My mom fought like hell to keep THAT away from the house but it was often a loosing battle.  This is where I live now.


That black spot in the center of the back picture is a pair of dogs playing.

There are things I wish we had done differently but my husband or I know where every nail, wire, pipe and board went in this one.  We built it all with our own two hands with the help of family and friends from time to time.

The third thing is Self Confidence.  Frankly, I don't give a $#!% what anyone other than my kids think and mostly they approve of everything I do.  That is a very liberating experience.  I do still want to please others but I now find it okay to pleas me!

Okay the Worst things about my age:

Kids are grown and gone.  I really miss having kids around.
My health. Genetics suck sometimes.  I hate going to the doctor (went yesterday) and I hate taking meds and thinking about whether I can manage something with the current issues.
The economy.  I want to think about retirement in ten or twelve years.  It really doesn't look doable.

And, if I were to be totally honest, I really miss the firmer body of my youth and hate the age spots and spider veins but those are cosmetic and I COULD fix them.  I just would rather spend my money on sewing machines, fabric and travel than plastic surgery, gym memberships and creams.

I wrote this without reading anyone else's  posts.  It will be interesting to see what other say.  Hop on over to Cole's and check them out!



  1. Well spoken words, good job girl! I live in a log house also(I hate it when people say a "log cabin") We have been there 25+ yrs! I hear you about the kids. I am very fortunate that mine turned out so well. They make a mom proud!!

  2. Wow what a lovley house you have! Hope that I'll be able to look back when my kids are grown and know that I did an ok job.

  3. Your best and worst sound just fine to me. The best of course is the kids and if you never do another thing they will always count as THE BEST THING EVER! Don't worry too much about the future, after all we just can't control it.

  4. I love your answers! I'm simply in awe that you and your husband built the house yourself. That is such an accomplishment!

  5. Your home is absolutely dreamy!

  6. You go, girl!! I love your home and the fact that you and your husband built it together. I'm 57 and I feel the same way you do about these things, especially the self-confidence thing and the money thing.

  7. Just read this post and I really just want to ask one thing;
    Can we trade houses please???
    LOVE that logcabin of yours and so does my hubby. Thát is our idea of the kind of house we want to live in 'one day'.... How AWSOME you have build it yourselfs!!!
    Furthermore; age is just a number. My love is 10 years older than I am (he is 50, I'm 40) but he is 20 years fitter than I am. My body is like an 80-year old. That's something I can't fix this and so I try to accept it (eventhough that's not always easy)
    We try to do what we want now, not in ten years. The worst thing about the death of my father-in-law was the regrets my mom-in-law had about all the things they still wanted to do together but never came around to it.... Two weeks later we booked our tickets to the USA, something we postponed for years and years.
    Live in the now and do what ever you want (when possible ofcourse)
    I do wish I had more of your self-confidence... sounds so liberating!


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