Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am really going to do this now!

Okay, so I started this blog and did nothing with it. That is about to change - even if no one reads it! Just because I didn't write anything doesn't mean I didn't do anything. Since November of 2009 I made the dresses for my son's wedding, participated in 5 (I think) block swaps on the internet and with my family, completed quilts for gifts for several people. Here are a few:

Scrappy Mountain Majesties
This was a block exchange I did with my sister, my aunt and a friend. My aunt and friend live in Texas. They didn't quite follow the directions but I think I made it work okay. Used it for a grab bag exchange gift with my mom's family and my DIL ended up with it after much bargaining and shenanigans!

Log Cabin
I did a block exchange on line at a few years ago. I added a few more blocks, sashing and a border and gave it to my dad. I did a free motion cowboy hat around the edges and used a Baptist Fan pattern for quilting the body.


And, the big project:

Frankly, Julie
My SIL is a huge GWTW fan. I have several pics of this as a WIP but no good ones of it done. I need to sneak into her bedroom and take some more!

Okay, so that gets me through last Christmas. I have several more this year. I have so many ideas floating (actually zooming like caffienated 5 year olds) through my head. I thought this might be a good place to track them. I have to figure out how to add goals to the side.

If you have read this far, please come back again!

ETA: Discovered I didn't add the pics correctly. In figuring that out I found a draft of a post about the GWTW quilt. I will post that later!

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