Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Its another day so I won't feel too guilty about another post.

I am on night shift right now. God help me. I am going to leave here at 5:50 or so and go to the local JoAnn's for Black Friday sales. I wouldn't but it makes supporting my habit so much better if I go and stock up on batting, muslin, rotary cutter blades and some threads.

My darling DIL is coming up w/ my sister so that she can drive me home after the mess.

My list has grown as to what I need. Wonder how long this will take. I am taking a nap after and then sewing.

Hope your Black Friday was all you wanted it to be.

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  1. Just read this and I can so relate! My infant daughter and 5 year-old son at JoAnn's on Black Friday...bolts of fabric piled across the top of the cart. Boy, was the lady ever surprised when I uncovered my sleeping daughter snuggled in her carrier down inside that cart...ahh, the memories!


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