Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank You, God, for an air conditioned sewing room

With the heat index ranging into the 115 to 120°F range, my sewing room is a great place to be!  I acutally spent Sunday in the basement and wore a fleece jacket when I wasn't sweating bullets from nerves.

Sunday my sister came over and we worked on quilting our aunt's quilt.  It is a beautiful piece that she wanted custom quilted.   We already have 6 hours in it and are only about half way done.  We both agree - NO MORE custom quilting for anyone other than ourselves.  We are learning lots - most of it the hard way.

I worked night shifts last week.  I work a 12 hour rotating shift.  While I was on nights I made a Turning Twenty - my first - that I plan to give to my BFF.  note:  Teenage girls talk about BFFs but when you are in your mid forties and have had the same one for over thirty years it is safe to say they are your best friend forever.  Anyway, I don't know if she will like it and I haven't seen her yet to give it to her. 

It is made from a Connecting Threads collection from 2009 called Aqua Terra.  I bought it with no plans but listening to her talk about her new furniture and carpet I  knew it was meant for her.
I quilted it using a template I bought from RNS designs called Hearts Aflutter.  It is a fun design that went quickly and I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately the only picture I took has a huge shadow from my clothes line.

It is pretty, I think.

Out of time now.  More later....

Keep stitchin'!

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