Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - French General

Hello, all!  I will be honest and tell far today I have not sewed a stitch.  I am working night shift this week.  To top that, Indiana is being hammered by storms for the past 18 hours or so.  I swear the radar stayed orange, red or yellow all night.

My phones are messed up.  I am pretty sure that we have lightening come in on the line.  The old ones still work but not the newer versions.  You know, those I bought two weeks ago!  This makes me reluctant to turn on my sewing machines.

I do have a current WIP (not to be confused with my many UFOs and a few PIGS).  I took this picture yesterday and hoped to get a better one today.  The weather makes that a big fat NO.

This is sideways but every time I tried the other direction the colors were not true.  Once again I seem to have gotten my colors segregated. I am still debating using some decorative stitching in red on some of the lighter solids.  This will have three borders in increasing sizes so that it will fit a full sized bed - mine!  I don't have any of my own quilts on beds here.  As a matter of fact, I have only ever kept one quilt.

My other WIP looks awful but I am happy about it.  I was successful in getting my abandoned sour dough "woke up".  I may start a batch of cinnamon rolls before I go to work tonight but it will probably wait until tomorrow.  That way the kids will come home and help me eat them!

I am going to link up to Freshly Pieced and whatever other blogs I can find.  I am trying hard to get back to blogging and sewing.

Keep Stitchin'!



  1. Looking very nice, My mother recently pieced a selvedge quilt. Quite a few of the selvedges didn't have any printing, so she used coloured threads and the decorative stitched on her machine and stitched along some of them. It added that bit of extra colour and took away the 'whiteness' of those narrow strips. When you look at the quilt, those areas blend right in.

  2. Yay! I like that you're keeping this one. I've started to try to figure out when I'm going to make the time to create a quilt to keep for myself too. It's going to be a throw for the couch, so I'm not too inspired to get to it while the weather is still so warm.

  3. Love your French General top and jelly roll quilts. Mine also wind up with the colors all segregated and I can't figure out how NOT to do that.


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