Saturday, January 28, 2012

Surprisingly good day

I am working nights this weekend.  Ugghhh!  I got to bed about 7:30 this morning but was awake off and on until 9:00 or so.  Then I woke up about noon.  I thought I was ready to get up but every time I sat up I got dizzy and nauseous.  Ah oh....this is NOT good.  I took some medicine and laid there for another hour.  Finally got up. YAY!

I went to my sewing room and made two of these.

They are for the BOM the month I am doing,  A Tisket, A Tasket  I am using Windham fabrics Flour Sack collection.  Most of the women are doing Civil War prints.  I have been to one meeting and it did not go well for me.  I considered quitting but I am too stubborn.  Besides, I love the finished quilt top.  The one in the shop is so much prettier than the pattern shows.

So...I did the dumb journal cover they said I HAD to do. But, I didn't do it like they said.  Tee hee hee... I actually made this block with another fabric, too.  I am using my 1936 Featherweight to make this quilt.  She has no seam widths on the throat plate.  So, I am practicing everything like a good little girl.  I figure if I use up these fat quarters that I have NO IDEA why I bought, I will have a throw size quilt at the end of the year.

 So, those all went pretty well and I have everything done for class three weeks ahead of time. Then I came to work.  The guy I made the quilt for that I blogged about yesterday had picked it up and left me payment.  He paid me VERY well....4.5 times what I had in the materials.  I almost cried.

I am going to a retreat in Texas in April.  My aunt and I are driving from San Antonio to north of Tyler.  I am keeping my bonus money to spend on that trip.  Thanks so much, Todd! started very bad but today was a very good day for me.  I accomplished my goals for the month and got an unexpected bonus in being appreciated and PAID! WooHoo!

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  1. Wow...someone who appreciates how much time and effort go into quilting and is willing to pay for it...nice when someone does that, huh!! Sounds like you've got quite a group of nit-pickers in your BOM...give 'em heck, Mary!! Let 'em have their Civil War fabrics... I like your blocks :)


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