Friday, January 27, 2012

Finish it up Friday and I'm Not Dead Yet

Hi, all!  Ever see that Monty Python movie, The Holy Grail?  My husband and sons love that.  Lines from it are constantly repeated at our house.  So....I'm not dead yet.  Just had a terribly busy month and then it has rained forever here.  That means my phone line is too noisy for my computer to connect to the internet.

But I am back now.  I have two smaller items to post for Friday.  One involves my husband.  He got in his head to make nice Euchre counters for our sons for Christmas and to send to some friends.  I said I would make bags to hold them, a deck of cards and the coasters.  Everyone drinks something while they play cards, right?

My husband did an outstanding job on his part.

The pegs are hand turned on his lathe, too.  He burnt each number in individually with metal stamps he heated on the stove burner.  I have always been partial to walnut but those hickory sets are beautiful - I ended up with one!

Here is my part in progress:

And, here is the finished set.

Sorry the picture isn't better. But I think they turned out nice.  The last one was delivered yesterday.

Here is my other finish that I brought to work with me tonight.

One of the maintenance men has a new granddaughter.  He asked me to make her a quilt. Mom wanted lady bugs, green and yellow - no pink or purple!

This is close up of the name block.  I added lady bugs.

And here is a picture of the fabric on the back.  I just love this simple little quilt.  I think babies need bright colors.  I used a pattern called Whoopsy Daisy to quilt it but left out all the swirls and did not quilt over the embroidery.  It is a soft, cuddly quilt with this fun flannel on the back.

I hope you enjoyed my finishes.  I have so many more to post about.  I have been busy but that is enough for tonight.

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Edited to add:  It is now Sunday and I have linked the post to Sew Darn Crafty linking party over at Sew Many Ways.

Keep Stitchin'!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, so much, Chris. The grandpa liked it. See my next blog posting.

  2. Those are great!!! We play a lot of euchre and the counters would be so nice. But alas, my hubby is not talented with wood, lol.

    1. Thanks, Wilma. These are very nice versions but the local Masonic hall just had strips of wood with holes drilled in them and pegs in them. You could easily make something simple and paint them. He just enjoys wood working.

  3. I don't know what euchre is but giving a gift that you both had a hand in is brilliant.....I bet everyone was happy with them!
    Happy Sewing

    1. Euchre is a card game that is played with only the 9s thru the aces. When I was in college I worked for a prof that was a bridge champion. I asked about bridge. As he explained it I said, "Oh, that sounds a lot like Euchre but more complicated."

      He informed me, "Euchre, is Bridge for idiots!"

      The idiots here in the midwest enjoy it!


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