Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Table Runner & Pillow

 Amanda Jean is having a linking party for Finish it Up Friday.  Hopefully I will figure out how to get linked to her blog.

I finished up three things this week but I think she would only be interested in two of them.  Still, I am rather happy I finished canning the tomatoes I had on hand!

Last month I made a quilt for a wedding gift.  It was a modified Alabama block.  I will post pictures of it another day but the pictures aren't very good.  My test block was a little small.  I decided I needed new pillows in my living room.  This is what I did with my test block.

I love it.  I used a decorative stitch and a varigated thread to quilt it.  It wasn't quite 16 1/2 inches.  So, it didn't work for a quilt block but looks great as a pillow. Don't you think?

My other project was a fall table runner.  I wanted it done last weekend before my kids came home but I didn't make it.  Here is a picture when I was trying to decide on the layout.

I was just trying to decide which way to rotate the blocks.  And, this is basically what I ended up with.  I frequently take pictures and send to my aunt and my DIL for their opinions.  This was the final product.  The colors are a little washed out in this picture.  The second maple leaf from the left is actually green.  I think the colors are truer in the picture above but I have that nasty glare!

For some reason I thought it would be easier to quilt on the Janome than the HQ16.  I quickly got bored with drawing out the lines and ended up winging it.  The border is cross hatched but the blocks are only diagonals.

I was drawn to this pattern when I saw it two years ago in a magazine.  I live in a log home.  One of my "extra" children is half Canadian and there are a lot of maple leaf references made. The original called for a 9" finished block but I rarely work that small.  So, I enlarged it to a 12" and I love it.  Looks pretty good on my table, too.  Only picture I have right now shows mostly the flowers.  I grew over half of those.  So, they count, too.  Right?

Happy Fall, Y'all!


  1. Love the pillow! I'd give anything to have some that actually STAY on the sofa...somehow they always wind up on the floor :/ Congratulations on finishing up your projects.

  2. LOL...pillows that stay on the couch with kids in the house? Surely you jest!

    Thanks for compliments and congratulations. I have two other pillows I did NOT finish. I work next Friday (12 hour day shift). If I finish it during the week and blog on Friday does it count???

  3. The pillow and the runner are both just beautiful! (And I'd say canning tomatoes definitely counts as a big finish, too. lol) Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

  4. your pillow and table runner are great finishes! i am happy for you that you finished canning your tomatoes, too! I have a few pans on my dining room table that i'm waiting to ripen so i can finish. so i can imagine your excitement. :)

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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