Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mystery Quilt: Week 2

Hello, all!  I did not forget you.  It has been an incredibly busy week at work and it just kicked my butt.

So, have you all cut your fabric?  If not, there is plenty of time.  This is a SUPER easy quilt.  This week we will make half square triangles.  You have two options, depending on your preference.  We need to end up with 50 light/medium squares and 50 light/dark. Each square will measure 3 1/2" each way when complete.

My preferred method is to draw a diagonal on the 3 7/8" square light fabric, match it up with a medium (or dark as needed) square and sew a scant quarter inch from each side of the diagonal. Use your rotary cutter to cut ON the line you drew.  You should now have two identical squares when pressed open.  Square up to 3 1/2".

If you prefer, you can cut each 3 7/8" square in half diagonally and then sew.

I am not perfect at this.  That is why I suggested you cut at 4" if you are like me.  Gives you a little room to square up in the end.

Be sure to mix your fabrics up.  Don't pair the same light square with the same medium or dark square each time.  It will add more visual interest to your quilt.

I will be back later this weekend to add some photos.  I haven't sewn mine yet.  That is a good thing.  I was talking with my girlfriend I am intend this for last night.  I some how had in my head she liked purple and blue.  Nope.  Just blues.  I think I will like this better in just blues.  I already have the lights, mediums and one dark.  Just have to trade out my four purples for blues.

Keep me posted if you are playing along.  I would love to see your progress.

Keep stitchin'



  1. Thanks to Sophie at the Block Lotto I can't get enough of low volume colors. I've got my scraps together. I'm cuttin' 'em tonight!

  2. I have bought batik fat quarters for years, and I decided now is the time to use some of them. I picked out 15 that I think will work well. Yesterday afternoon I cut strips and squares. This is going to be fun!


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