Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still here....

Hello.  I have not given up this blog.  I have just been side tracked.  I have to pursue faster internet for home.  I still have dial up.  Today's connection is at a wopping 24kbps.  Can't upload pictures at that speed.

I have been sewing quite a bit.  I made a quilt for a wedding gift earlier in the month.  I have no idea of a name for it but I did try to take some pictures as I made it since it is super easy and could be made from jelly rolls and charm packs.  I used scraps myself but the other would work.

I have another quilt ready to go on the quilting machine.  It is also a wedding gift.  This one - like a lot of my projects - morphed out of control.  It is now queen size but I like it.  It is a modified version of the block Alabama.  I am calling the quilt "Roads to Alabama".  If I can get a good picture I will post it.

I have also been doing some canning.  I think I did 28 jars of green beans.  I still had some left from last year, so I didn't get carried away.  I have tomatoes waiting on me to juice and can tonight.

I woke up this morning with a terrible migraine.  It has been there for days but got so much worse this morning.  Have to go to work as soon as meds wear off enough for me to drive.  Obviously they aren't going to fix the problem today.  I tell you, days like this and I understand how trepination developed!

No humor in me today.  No lessons.  I did get supper in the slow cooker.  That is always a crap shoot on migraine days.  Chances are good I will forget some key ingredient or season it too much.  Today it is a pork shoulder with potatos, carrots, celery and sauerkraut.  We will see how that turns out in about 8 hours.

Keep stitchin'!

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