Thursday, January 3, 2013

December...and all the amazing gifts I received.

Hello, all.  I see I posted when we brought home our tree.  It was around 70° that day.  This is what my deck has looked like for the past week.

Snow is pretty but I am about to freeze to death here!

So, what have I done between tree and now?  A lot but mostly I am going to post about other people did and most of it seemed to be a gift to me.

My birthday was December 16th.  I almost got this...

He arrived 108 minutes before Mamaw's 48th birthday!  Mom and Blaine are doing well.  He is our first grandchild and I have to say that seeing my son become a father was an amazing thing.  The change between when he went into the OR and when he came out was visual.

Blaine's daddy had listened when I said I wanted a key ring for my Mustang key and made me this ....

...for my birthday.  When we left the hospital after Blaine's birth he gave me instructions where to find my gift and card. I would say he did well on both birthday projects!

Since it has been so cold Blaine has gotten a lot of use out of one the things his Mamaw made him.

I discovered crocheting hats last fall.  I really enjoy those for some reason.  I am currently working on sock monkey hats for the little ones I know.

All of the kids were here for the night of the 23rd and we did Christmas on the morning of the 24th.  They are so generous with one another and with their father and me.  This year we actually managed to give everyone a "used" gift.  That is what my step-father called antiques.  He had so many things I would have loved to have because he was a junk dealer.  I would tell my mother I wanted something and he wouldn't let her give it to me for an occasion because it was "used".  So, this year all the kids got "used" gifts ranging from Fostoria to block & tackles (with new rope).  They loved them. We are a pretty conservative bunch and really try for "made in the USA" gifts.  That was part of the appeal of the vintage items they still can use.

On Christmas day we joined my mother's family for a celebration.  My mom was one of 11 children.  There are eight remaining.  Mom died in 2008 and Mamaw in 2009.  We still try to get together and I do enjoy that.  This year one of my uncles drove in from Pennsylvania.  His visit was bittersweet.  His wife died unexpectedly the day before they were to come here for a family reunion in October.

Aunt Marie was Japanese and a prolific sewer her entire life.  Crafter would be a better word because she could do anything.  I remember when she arrived in America in 1973 or so.  I was in the third grade.  Her luggage was lost.  They brought her to our house and she borrowed clothes and shoes from me!  I was not a large child. She was just that tiny.

Uncle Bob was at a loss as to what to do with all of her stuff.  So, he packed his Jeep Liberty as full as he could and brought it to us.  I felt like a ghoul going through it!  I do understand it made it easier for him.  He told us, "Take it all because I don't want to take it to the dump or the Goodwill."

This is some of what I took.

Books galore, 20" square, project case
There were 15 of these squares complete or nearly complete and enough fabric cut for three more.
This another project box with some of the blocks, thread, needles and fabric.
A giant triangle, more thread, a small rotary cutter, a mat, paper, another book.
I also gave my DIL some stuff out of here already.
Thank you, Aunt Marie and Uncle Bob.

My sister was the last to leave and ended up with an entire tote of books and magazines and God only knows what else.  I remember knitting needles but none of us knit. He is threatening/promising to bring another load this summer.

I have an amazing quilt top she had nearly finished.  It was intended for another aunt of mine that has Parkinson's.  I told Uncle Bob I would finish it for her.  I could never do it on my own but she was nearly done. I am going to cheat and make it a Friday finish at some point.

So, December was a busy, wonderful and slightly sad month that saw me receiving way too many gifts.  I was once again reminded how fortunate I am when my son's close friend died suddenly from epilepsy on Christmas day.  He was twenty four.  May God bless this wonderful young man and his family.  They deserve it.

I hope December was as generous to you as it was to me.  I have been sewing.  I have something to post for  tomorrow - Finish it up Friday!  Yay!

Keep stitchin'!



  1. Congratulations on being a grandma! It sounds like you've really had a "circle of life" type of December. I love the "used" gift idea!

  2. So there is the much anticipated baby! I liked your post about the cradle and quilts! Congratulations! Sorry about the loss of your aunt - it was good that your uncle still came to the re-union - it probably did him a lot of good. Cheers! Evelyn

  3. Wow - lots of things going on in your life, and yes, it is good to count our blessings. That is really neat that you can finish your aunt's quilt. What a special thing to do!

  4. wow, congratulations on becoming a Grandma.
    What a cute baby.
    I know what you talking about seeing the change in your son and that its hard to belive. I became a grand ma this year too.
    I still hardly belive my son became a dad. lol.
    nice things you got for christmas, enjoy.


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